2016 Suzuki GSX-RR MotoGP RC Motorcycle

by wildcardfox Feb 10, 2017
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this is amazing! nice work!!!

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Totally awesome! Great design and excellent instructions, I can't wait to finish and share this. I am having some difficulty finding the long shoulder bolts, springs and metric dowel pins long enough. I've made a few parts (on the lathe) and substituted 1/8 dowel pins for fork lowers.

thanks. If your in the US, use Mastercarr... https://www.mcmaster.com. I source a lot of my parts from there and you should be able to find the parts. If you have a problem locating a part, just let me know and I'll try to help.


Hi, Great bike!
The 'passive gyroscope',wheel weights, was noted as a possible purchase on your site. I could not find it on the suggested website.

that's because you don't need it. With TPU tires traction is tricky. So if you go F1 rear tire you can drive with the roll over bars and you do not need the weighted front wheel (passive gyro).

Your prompt response is appreciated.
I have a Rostock Max V2 and use Mattercontrol 1.6 as the slicer. When I add the file Mattercontrol says that the file may be too complicated and will cause performance or stability problems. If I ignore the warning and load anyways, Mattercontrol does not show it. I am running a CAD workstation so I know my pc is not the issue.
Your main_body_left and front_fork printed with no issues and came out great.

P.S. the instructions you posted on Google Drive are world class!

Alright cool. I have two deltas in my fleet. Okay it's clearly a slicer issue. I use Simplify3d, but some slicers can struggle. I'll send you the step if you want to play with it, I also have a version without logos which would be simpler to print if you are having that issue. If you like I could also slice it for you, I can just load the printer profile into my Simplify3d and then send you the gcode.

Let me know if that works. I'm also going to make a change to the manual... the weight is no longer needed for the front wheel. I'll be hoping to make that change to the manual later today.

Thanks, I want clear instructions and I put a lot of work into it. I'm glad its helpful!

If you could send the step it would be appreciated. I do need to look into Simplify3D.

Its very obvious you put a lot of thought and effort into the instructions. I'll look for the revision.

Check your messages on your Thingiverse account, I sent a link to the step file there. If you don't see it, let me know.

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That's I high praise, thank you. That means a lot.

I can send you the .step, but before can you tell me more about the issue. originally I only offered the sides where they were sitting down, but when a person built it they flipped it on upright because it gave a nicer finish. https://pinshape.com/3d-printed-object/4621-2016-suzuki-gsx-rr-motogp-rc-motorcycle

I then added it. What slicer are you using, and what errors are you seeing. I'm unaware of any issues on the slicers, it's. full solid, so I'm curious. If we can't figure it out, I'm more than happy to share the .step.

For some reason that side file is just too large on it's own. So please get back to me and once again thank you for the kind words.


Thank you for uploading this. One of the best designs on the web ( here, pinshape, etc.). The time and effort you put into the design is remarkable.

I am printing this and am having trouble with main_body_right_upright.stl. I cannot repair it so It is preventing me from being the 1st to complete a full make of your excellent design. Is there anything you can do to reduce file size and remove the errors? I am a solidworks user and could fix it myself if I had a .step file or parasolid.

If not - please know you are an asset to the 3D community - your posts are among the best for sophistication and design.

where is the driver in the pack ?

it is by the ducati the same

i love your design
realy realy nice

as in forgetting to upload the rider? Yah, I fixed the Ducati as well.

Thanks! It was a lot of work and it was a pleasure to design.