by CesiumSalami Feb 10, 2017
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Amazing design! What do you thin are the props/battery combo I should use for my 1102 8000kv motor to get the longest flight times possible. I will be mostly cruising, couple flips here and there.

I don't have experience with 1102's but do have decent amount of experience with 1103's, which are probably fairly similar. It's very easy to over prop 1103's. For the most part, I think that you'll want to go with 2.5" props - specifically, these: https://www.banggood.com/10-Pairs-Kingkong-65mm-Blade-Propeller-Prop-20Pcs-for-720-8520-Coreless-Motor-DIY-Micro-Quadcopter-p-1092166.html

You'll have to use a drill with a 1.45mm bit to get them press fit ready. Banggood has some accessories for this:
Bit (very fragile): https://www.banggood.com/1_45mm-Carbide-Tungsten-Steel-Micro-PCB-Drill-Bit-3_175mm-Shank-For-Engraving-Machine-p-999829.html
Hand Drill (maybe one of the bits included here are good enough?): https://www.banggood.com/Mini-Aluminum-Hand-Drill-with-Keyless-Chuck-and-10-Twist-Drills-Rotary-Tool-p-1004498.html

If you don't feel like dealing with that - maybe try these and just cut off two blades: https://www.banggood.com/10-Pairs-KINGKONG-LDARC-2535-63_5mm-PC-4-blade-Propeller-CW-CCW-1_5mm-Mounting-hole-for-RC-Drone-p-1217554.html

With the KingKong 65mm props above and a good 450mah 2s battery just cruising around and a little goofing can hit like ~6+min if the build is ~50g. or ~4min of faster goofing:


cool thanks for the info!

any chance we can get a 2.5" version using the 1104/1105/1106 motors :)

I can try and work on this soon. I'm just swamped with work right now, sorry :(
You mean one for 3D printing or on Armattan?

I made a 3" and put some 2.5" props to compare to your other frame, almost exactly the same size!

A printable version would be awesome... not sure how much extra work it is to add it to Armattan afterwards

While i was at it... i figured I'd upload a 2" version before you asked :)

Ok... I'm gonna upload the 2.5" version here in a second (should fit up to 66mm props). Yeah ... the top pod style is more efficient space-wise. And if you're using a 4in1 the Stretchbee has super thin arms. Overall..... it might be faster if you can keep it light. With the 3d printed top and CMOS camera the StretchBee can be very light - with the carbon pod and the hardware required for that + the runcam micro it's starting to get chubby. Also - the camera starts to get well off the roll axis, so if you're doing more freestyle you can notice that... That's kinda what the DeadFerrets are for. They're designed to keep the camera on the roll axis and hopefully make for a lighter build when using the runcam micro. Let me know how you get on with this design! I also uploaded this in 1mm thickness to make scaling easy - just z-scale to the desired thickness, please.

Awesome Design! How long did it take for your frame to get shipped from Armattan?

Thanks!! Armattan can be pretty slow. I'm not sure why they say "7-14 days" because it usually takes longer. My orders seem to average on like 18 business days or 24 calendar days. I basically count on waiting about a month+ for a frame to arrive.

But their quality and general service is just unique. The price is super low, the quality is very high, and it's all automated more or less.

Were you looking to buy one of these frames or asking just generally? Currently the only versions uploaded to Armattan are listed on the main page - if you want me to upload the other versions let me know. That approval process takes a week-ish.

Good to know, Already ordered this frame on June 27. :) Just was wondering when I will aproximately receive it. I agree, first wanted to get a predator x but that would have been way more expensive. Thank you for this great design, can't wait to build it!

Oh! Awesome! It's gotta ship anytime now - I can't see who purchased frames but I can see approximate orders and their status. If you actually ordered on the 27th you're right on the line of Processing and Shipped. Actual shipping time is pretty quick (to the states anyways). I hope you like it! It definitely takes a lot of cues from the Predator - I just really wanted to try the top pod style but stretched and with space for the runcam micro and maybe a little more durable ... didn't exist at the time so I just made it!

Really hope you enjoy the frame!

Well that's good news! Yeah that's another reason I ordered your frame, the Predator X doesn't seem that sturdy around the Battery strap area. How did you mount the VTX03 and Receiver, I assume you printed a mount for the VTX?
Im pretty sure I will enjoy it :D

I actually just shoved the VTX03 in there (which isn't smart). It's conformal coated to prevent shorts. I didn't print a mount (but they exist and it's probably wise because the VTX03 gets CRAZY hot. The one thing I did was create a little spacer - it's a 1mm thin print on PCTPE just to keep it off the FC a little bit. I uploaded the print file just in case you want it... I think it's M2 though :( ... my stack is M2 unfortunately for this build due to the ESC. I also don't know how it would print in other materials. PCTPE is a nylon that's really heat tolerant and tough - maybe tpu would work?

Great frame, thanks man!

The pod may need a bit of reinforcement in the area where there is "step" from screws plate to the rest of pod. First print - that screws plate separated from the pod in the front when I was removing supports.

No problem! You know, I think you're right - I had the same problem on my first print. It might need a little something extra, thanks.

That being said ... I'm shocked. I crashed mine FULL TILT into a tree two days ago and then clipped a tree at like 30ft and disarmed - landed on a stone terrace. Only on the second crash did I break two nylon standoffs, otherwise it's been fine despite the perhaps tricky printing above.

I just got a notification from Armattan that I'll be getting the carbon frame soon. I'm almost not even sure it's necessary. I think I might have actually broken the carbon in these crashes. I'm running 1104's and 2s (dry weight is ~75g) so maybe that helps in crashes? Tempted to try 3s, but I don't want mess with a build that's performing so well right now.

Happy flying!!

totally missed the chance to say: awesome!

any chance releasing the design file? I really want to change this to be a stretch to be a max of 2.5" props - or maybe even a 2" version

I'd be happy to release the design file ... but ... embarrassingly that's an Illustrator file.
Would that be helpful?

I assume this would be for 11xx motors and 1306/1407 motors wouldn't need to be included?