π64 (mini N64 RetroPie case)

by elhuff Mar 1, 2017
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Would you ever make a version that would fit an Odroid XU4? Switched to that from a Pi 3 and it is much better at N64 emulation

I've thought about switching to the XU4 or another comparable board as well. If I did go to the XU4 I would buy this case instead of redesigning mine. https://www.amazon.com/OGST-Gaming-Console-Case-ODROID-XU4/dp/B07D3F1J5G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1550598858&sr=8-1&keywords=odroid+xu4+n64+case

Yeah I've seen that case but it deviates a bit too much from what the N64 really looked like...If I wanted to modify your files myself to fit the odroid xu4, how difficult do you think that would be? I have little to no experience in 3d modeling but since the dimensions are so similar was thinking this could be a good introduction

The XU4 is close in size to the RPi3B but the form factor is very different as far as where the port placement is. It would be a difficult task for someone with no CAD experience to modify my model. I guess you could hire me or someone else to redesign it if you are that serious about it.

I would like it more with a smooth surface. How can that be done?

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. First reducing the layer height will produce a smoother finish. Second is post processing such as sanding or acetone smoothing in the case of ABS. For smoothing PLA there are some excellent articles on ALL3DP.

Awesome job! About to complete my build, but wasn't sure how you wired up the LED light--how did you hook that up? Thanks!

I just used a piece of 1.8mm clear plastic cord as a fiber optic line to pipe the light from the LED on the RasPi to the front of the case.

Gotcha, how did you connect it to the led on the board though? Did you glue it? Thanks again.

On the bottom of the case there is a little over hang with two holes in it. Those holes are positioned over the LEDs on the board so you can just stick the fiber optic line through a hole. If that overhang didn't print well then gluing the fiber optic to the LED would work also.

Awesome! Thanks so much!!

Nice Design. I like that it fits the little cartridges :) Is this also compatible with a Raspberry Pi 3B+?

Yes, as far as I know the form factor for the 3B+ did not change, so everything would fit the same.

Which Printer did you use?

Flash Forge Dreamer

Has anyone had trouble printing the top half of the console? I've tried printing twice with supports (3mm post diameter, 4mm base height and diameter) and (i think) when it gets to the time it prints the first full horizontal layers, something is going wrong and the last ~30% of the model turns to string and the support structures get messed up. I'm wondering if printing the top upside would solve this issue?

I had to print the top half upside down which creates some cosmetic cleanup issues but certainly makes printing easier.

Hi, I was just wondering if I could get a .stp or .x_t file of this? Thanks for your time.

Sorry I typically don't give out the CAD files.

Hello, awesome model. Got 90% of it done so far. Could you possibly make a second version of the memory expansion lid without the text on it? I was going to try myself in Tinkercad to fill it in, but with all the curves I don't think I have the skills to do it.

Sure. I should be able to get that done within the next day or so.

Can't seem to be able to download all files...

That has happened before. Try downloading each file individually.

Hello, any alternative sources for the filament color? I'm not seeing this color come up on any common filament resources. No one seems to have a grey this dark for some odd reason.

I haven't been able to find any other sources for that color. I printed mine in white and then painted it.

Hey, thanks for your model. Is it possible to print all parts without any support material? I tried to print the bottom part and only the feed start at level one. The "inner part printing" always starts in air. Thank you in advance

Unfortunately no it is not possible to print without support material.

Ok, thanks for your fast response. I tried it yesterday with support printing and it worked fine. The model is nicely made. The only parts I dont like that much are the small controller plugs. Is there a reason why the outter lay isn't flat shaped?

As you can think, I am new to this hole 3D printing. But it works really good so far.

I will post the printed pi64 when I am finish

I tried to stick as close as I could to the original N64 console. I'm excited to see how yours turns out.

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si quiere ponerse en contacto conmigo le dejo mi email


hola eres todo un artista
mis felicitaciones
me gustaría preguntarte
si seria posible que hiciese el diseño de la consola sega master system 2 para raspberry pi 3
me encanta esa consola y no la encuentro adaptada para la raspberry
le estaría muy agradecido
un abrazo

I am a CAD designer and engineer and made this case for fun in my spare time. As far as designing things by request, I am open to that but it would be on a paid basis. If you're interested in that feel free to email me [email protected]

its nice I just wish the proportions were more accurate. the arch in the top is to low, the separation line is down to far, the feet are to big which throws off the controller port spacing. tried to modify it to be more accurate but at this point it would be easier to just remake it lol. still relay nice though.

Does this not download for anyone else?

Other people have had the same problem and I have reported it to Thingiverse, but apparently they still have not fixed it. Sometimes clicking on the files individually will allow you to download them. If that doesn't work, message me your email address and I will send them to you.

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With the fan cartridge how exactly does the fan mount on it and fits in the case ?

The game cartridge has to be installed into the top of the case first then the fan mounts to the cartridge diagonally. Since I can't put pictures here in the comments section, I added a picture of the fan installed to the other pictures in the description.

How did you print the top part of the case? Did you use the support material underneath and then scooped it out ? My printer or slicer has problems with support material as it is nearly impossible to get rid of it all so i'd like to keep it to minimal.. Any suggestions ?

For the top of the case I had to flip it over so the inside was facing up, and consequently had to clean off support material from the outside of the case and do some sanding to get it to look decent.

brilliant thing!
(only a little ironic that a Pi can't emulate an N64 well... a few games excepted)

My Pi 3 runs N64 smash bros and Super Mario 64 60 fps after some fiddling with the emulator. There's a couple of things you can do including adding frame skips and installing some tools that help in a lower resolution.

For anyone curious about implementing a power button, this is a good resource for using GPIO 5/6: https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/13203/creating-halt-wake-button

I'm going to try implementing it with a sliding ON/OFF switch, which will probably require modifying the on/off button and the slot.

Regarding a fan, what about hollowing out the game cartridge and using it for a fan duct? The fan could be mounted to the back of the cartridge. Not super aesthetically pleasing, but at least it would be on the back side and keep the size small. Maybe a fan like this: http://a.co/3dc1tB0

This may be necrothreading, but here is an another way to do a power button for your build:


Please do let me know if you modify the stl for a slide switch as I myself am not really good in modelling and such and would still be very interested in that modification

I didn't end up needing to change the model! I used this switch: http://www.frys.com/product/1945881

I mounted it to the bottom of the power slot with 2 tiny screws, and the slot provides just enough room to actuate the slider back and forth. You could possibly grind down the end of the slot a little to make it easier, but you can get away with using the standard model.

I used a little epoxy (I would probably use a less permanent adhesive in the future) to stick the power button on top of the sliding switch where I wanted it.

The cool thing about the linked switch is that it has 2 independent contacts for each slider position. You can use one set to perform the power options on the Pi, and the other set to run power to your fan. In that way, when the Pi is turned off, your fan will be also! Before that mod, my fan ran whenever the Pi had power, regardless of if it was on or off.

Those are good ideas. I will work on that fan.

Looks great, thanks for modeling it!

I've printed the top of the case, and will be printing the rest today and tomorrow. I hope to assemble this weekend.

Right on. Let me know how it turns out.

Thank you for sending my wife the files! She is super happy to begin printing it.

No problem. Just a word of advice. Print the top of the case either inverted so the inside is facing up or use a material that has a low risk of warping. I first printed it right side up in ABS and it warped badly.

This set of files is still doing it. Not Downloading...

I have contacted Thingiverse about this issue. Try downloading each file individually by clicking on each one, or email me at [email protected] and I will send them to you.

I've tried downloading these files from 3 different computers on different networks and they won't download.

That is very odd. I don't know of anyone else having problems downloading them. If you message me your email I will send them to you.

I'm having the same issue here. Macbook Pro, when I click the link it says downloading but nothing happens. Successfully downloaded dozens of thingiverse files without issue until this one. I don't see how to contact you via email so I'm not sure what to do. Really want to try this case though, it looks incredible. Thank you.

Please report the issue to Thingiverse as it is surely a problem with their site.
Email me at [email protected] and I'll send you the files.

do you think there is room for a fan in the case?

integrating a fan is currently being worked on. The paints I used were just common craft paint that mixed to get suitable colors.

It worked today. Any chance you can link the paints you used? Thanks!

Hey, i realy like the idea, but unfortunately my pi runs hot if we play mario kart in 4 player ;-)
can you please also provide the CAD files (solidworks or similar?) so i can add a fan mount?

Salut, vraiment chouette, je suis entrain d'en imprimer une.
Tu pourrais donner les sources des étiquettes je ne mettrai pas Retropie mais Recalbox dessus et j'aimerais garder le concept de Πintendo.
Merci, vraiment une belle conception.

Hi, really nice, I'm trying to print one.
You could give the sources of the labels I will not put Retropie but Recalbox on and I would like to keep the concept of Πintendo.
Thank you, really a beautiful design.

I added the Microsoft Publisher file that I created the labels in. Is that what you were looking for?

Le logo Πintendo en 3D c'est toi qui la dessiné ?
J'ai fait une étiquette pour Recalbox :
Si tu pouvais l'ajouter à ton projet ça devrais servir à d'autres.
Encore merci pour ton partage.

The logo Πintendo in 3D is you who drew it?
I made a label for Recalbox:
If you could add it to your project it should be useful to others.
Thank you again for sharing.

Thank you for the alternate game label! That is pretty cool. I added it to the files.
Yes, the logo was completely my idea. Just for fun I have added the print file for the logo as well.

Merci pour l'étiquette de jeu alternatif! C'est très cool. Je l'ai ajouté aux fichiers.
Oui, le logo était complètement mon idée. Juste pour le plaisir, j'ai ajouté le fichier d'impression pour le logo ainsi.

i love the SD card slot location on this case nice attention to detail

Is anyone interested in purchasing the parts for this in a kit which would include everything except the printed parts and the RaspberryPi?

yes. What would the price be?

The kit would be around $15.