Earbud Case

by walter Jan 6, 2014
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Anyone make a lid for this?

Reidyy123, did you find any lid/cover? I'd also like one.

Would love to see a non-hinged version of this with a slightly thicker bottom -- not necessary for my needs and would work great with PLA.

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I made a video printing this design..
Thank you Walter for this great design!

How much infill is needed?
please can qny one suggest.
thank you

botom is very thin, so it breaks easily, how can I solve this issue?

I was looking for inspiration here. I am using Blender. I would like to make my own model, but I don´t know how to start. It was made by curves?
Any suggestions please? :) Thx

I'd recommend something like sketchup instead of blender to start, reasons are: it's free, and it's wayyyyyyy easier than blender to use

Yeah! I would like the model files as well! That would be great!

Could you upload the model files as well?

Just tried it and the back broke on the first try. I guess PLA isn't flexible enough for it.
I'm trying to reinforce it with scotch tape as an experiment.

try polyflex pla. its a bit more expensive than regular pla, but has much more flexibility.

Have printed this is a great design need work on the hing

Scaled to 120% for Apple Earpod.

Which one? Small Medium?

This looks wonderful, but could you upload a version without the hinge? When printed in PLA, I think it'll have enough flexibility to firmly capture the jack, and be far more robust.

I got a non-manifold error in Slic3r when trying to load this up. Maybe check the mesh with netfabb? Anyone else having this? Might just be a quirk of my particular copy. Anyway, really looking forward to printing this. Thanks for opening it up to the public!

I love the hinge, great idea.

Love it!.. Printed medium size for iphone earplugs. Wanted one for my samsung ones too but they are just a little too big to fit inside both of them (goes with violence but will wear out the cable).

I rescaled the medium one to 110%, and my samsung headphones fit. The jack doesn't sit snug in the groove, but the wire does, and the wire stays in place. I think if I had printed it at 100% it would be a bit tight on the buds.

Then I might try something between 100 and 110 maybe and see how it comes out. Thanx

I've printed a few of these, and they fit great, but how is the best way to wind them??

Nice one. It's really interesting how one thing can morph into another like this over several generations of derivatives. Love it :)