My Simplify3D profiles for the FlashForge Creator Pro

by Motley74 Feb 11, 2017
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Been a while but just wanted to say, "Thank you". Definitely helped me get started and works very well with Amz3D Filament ( ABS and PLA) Have been playing around with other brands and some settings will need to change, but not a whole lot. Take care and have a great year!!

Did anyone tried using this profile for flashforge dreamer?
i tried but its starts printing mid air without even getting to the right temperature
any way to fix this or does anyone have a fff profile for the dreamer
Thanks in advance


I am also finding the left PLA nozzle is printing off to the left. I have reset all the S3D settings to defaults and only loaded your settings in but it still does it. Please help anyone.


Not sure if you have fixed the issue already but after a few hours dealing with the same issue I managed to figure it out. Hopefully this will work for you as well. Go to "edit process settings" then the "g-code" tab and change the x-offset for tool1 to 24. Next check the box under G-Code options labeled "Apply toolhead offsets to G-Code Coordinates".

This worked for me and centered everything correctly. Hopefully it will do the same for you


I have a problem with the profiles.

When I go to print something off of RepG it works great, perfectly centered. But, with these profiles on S3D, using the left extruder, it prints off the left a little bit. I tried going under the Gcode settings under advanced settings, noticed the offset is 34 and started playing with it but it didn't change anything.

I don't know what to do and it is really bothering me lol.

Can someone upload the Simplify3D profile for the Flashforge Finder?

Dear Motley74,

Thanks for shared profile for Simplify3D software. Your parameters let us reach better results. Anyway, here is still same problem as on original flashprint software - the supports and raft are terrible - i mean its really difficult to remove it (image attached)... I tried to use a Makerbot print - the result of support and raft removing are great (the same great looks detail on supports), but here is another one problem - makerbot print don't have a profile for replicator 1 model, so in results the printed detail are scaled by x,y axis because ,i think, these newest models (replicator 2x) are using different size gears of belt. So in the results axis moving less distance but a stepper make same steps. So now Im trying old one makerbot desktop software.

Regarding this post, i love a results of Simplify3D so i want to ask this community a help for finding best profile for printing with raft and supports using Flasforge Creator Pro (METAL FRAME) and dreamer 3d printers.

Also for better printing results i did some modifications on creatorpro - i changed creator extrusion system to replicator extrusion system where the filament goes directly to nozzle. Result comparing with dreamer system where Teflon tube goes to nozzle, shows that this system works much better due to small conus ending. Also almost gone the stop filament fails (on dreamer system it becomes because of tube deformation).


Not sure if I've tried this profile but there was one on thingiverse that would magically retract the filament right before it started printing. It also would make a grinding noise when the bed was slowly homing.

I just printed a full build plate with this profile, and all I can say is, WOW!

Great work. Thank you!

Works very good with a cheap China CTC clone. Thank you!

Many thanks Motley74, this profile helped me a lot!

can i print with 1 extru.. at time ?
i have abs on Right & PLA on Left if i want to start Left extruder,it starts printing with right extr!
how to change right extr to left extdr ? i just want to start print with PLA i cant start Left extrdr ?
do i need to change G code or some other settng ? from your profile i choosed left extrdr but it starts with Right Extrdr plz tell me how to change extr...
AND when i start heating it just heat up HB only no Extruder starts heating why is this happeing?

You should be able to select the extruder you want to use in Simplify3D, if it is not working I would say that you either have the wrong printer profile selected or your printer is malfunctioning. You should not have to edit Gcode to get this to work, you just need to select the extruder you want in the process settings and ensure the temps are set correctly in the temperature tab after selecting the extruder you want to use.

It is normal for the HB to heat first, the extruder should start heating after the HB gets to within a couple of degrees of the target temp you have set.

I would start with re-configuring the printer profile in Simplify3D and once you are sure that is right and it still wioll not use the extruder you have set then you may want to reload your firmware or contact support to see if they can help with the issue. Keep in mind my profiles are written for the FlashForge Creator Pro and not the FlashForge Creator X.

Thank you for your reply
I was not selecting proper extrdr from profile now i can print with both extrdr with your profile
I just make changes I needs in settings rest is same as you given in profile
And I aslo use FFCPro

Thanks for this profile! The prints turn out great! I just have a problem with prints being off-centered and a few inches the left; can someone please tell me what I can do to correct this problem?

I had the same issue. I was able to correct it by going into Process Settings > G-Code and editing the X-Axis under Global G-Code Offsets. I changed it to 25 and that seemed to have it about re-centered. If anyone else knows of a better solution, let me know.

Ok, I think I found the variable. I was on a version of Simplify3D one version behind. Just upgraded to 4.0 and the whole system went absolute banana's. Motley74's settings were on par and delivered amazing prints. Now I can't trust the software or these settings after the upgrade. I used tenraiken's recommendation and it helped stop the offset issues but something is definitely wrong now with these settings. It's a setting file and software/hardware failure to communicate situation. Motley74, you had something and your input after this change would be greatly appreciated again.

If this help anyone with my same issue, I screenshot every setting from this file for ABS including Left vs. Right Extruder. Reset all setting and changed everything to match this file except Scripts, Start and End. I am now getting the same amazing results without the X-Axis offset 25 issue. I ran into one issue with the filament failing to stick to the bed but quick troubleshot the issue as not enough glue for a higher resolution, i.e., forgot to change it from .10mm layer to .18mm-.20mm. My advice, take the time to take all his settings in detail, do a "reset all settings", choose the default FlashForge Creator Pro settings, then changing all defaults to Motley74's setting except the script tab. Something has changed with Simplify3D's understanding of imported settings.

Hello Motley74

Thank you for this,

Question, which extruder is configured for PLA?


In my profiles I have the left extruder configured for PLA and the right extruder configured for ABS. You can tell by looking at the temps as the left extruder will have temps set to 215 instead of 225. I sometimes edit the extruder temps however depending on what brand of filament I am using as some PLA prints better on my printer at 205-210 but Hatchbox which I primarily use typically works best at 215.

Why are all the settings different for both extruders? Why would they need different temperatures, extrusion multipliers and retraction settings?

The way I use my printer I dedicate one of the extruders to PLA and the other to ABS. If you want you can make both the same but I chose to dedicate an extruder to each material type to reduce the number of times I need to load/unload the extruders.


By any chance, would you have a profile for dual extrusion?

thx for this profile.


I bought a flex filament a few weeks ago.
I have a question: if you want to make a phone bumper, do you have to reduce X and Y sizes or not?

Not sure what you mean, if you are asking if the flex filament will shrink like ABS I do not think it does. I printed some tank tracks using TPU flex material and they came out the exact dimensions I expected. You can see the tank tracks on my design posted here which I printed in black and green TPU... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:926237


I want to make a case for my phone, but the flexifil or ninja flex can increase their size to more than 500%!
I tried to make one a little bit smaller (5mm less) than the dimensions of the phone, but it was impossible to install it. It was too small, and it's not very extensible with large size of plastic.
I don't know if I must or not reduce the size of it, because I don't want that the case not fit or too easy to remove it.