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by Shinns Feb 14, 2017
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I've uploaded versions with increased diameter bearing holes in case anyone was having trouble with cracking.

Any chance I can get the autodesk file for the 3 bearing or others?

I'll post any mods I make to it.

I posted a link to the cap and the 7 bearing spinner. The other file is for the 2 to 6 bearing spinner, just check out the arm_count property on the model. You may have to open up the sweep feature and re-select the edge. Good luck!

How good is the one with 7 bearings? I've been designing one but my printer stops printing it half way there.

I only got one to work without cracking. It was very heavy, but it still fits nicely in a pocket and makes some really cool patterns when spinning due to the light reflecting off of all the bearings (assuming they are shiny). Balances really well too. Wish I would have better luck getting them to hold bearings without cracking

I've posted additional versions of the 4 bearing spinner with a +0.2mm and +0.4mm OD increase. Let me know if either of these work for you and I can generate versions for the rest of them.

@Shinns - Sending you a message about the results

Oh, cool, thanks! I'll give them a try today

Printed it right away and it broke apart, when i pressed in the bearings.
I then scaled it to 102% and now ist just a perfect fit.

Would you mind sharing your extrusion and speed settings? I get a lot of requests for these but haven't been able to get a batch printed that doesn't crack. Are you using PLA?

That one i did was 102% scaled, 215/60°C at 60mm/s using PLA

If it doesn't fit I usually take a knife that fits in the hole and carve it out until the bearing fits.

This may be a dumb question but how do the insertion and removal tools work?

The bearing fits onto the insertion tool and helps you evenly press on the bearing with pliers, clamps, etc. without marring the bearing. The removal tool is just a ring that's sized so you can have something to push against if you want to punch the bearing out.

That makes sense. Thanks!

I'm having a lot of trouble dialing the sizing. At 101.25% and below the middle is perfect but the outside holes are too tight and the print cracks, and at 101.50% scale the outside holes are perfect but the inside is too loose and the bearing slips out. (No, I haven't tried 101.375% yet.) I've tried with 30% fill (hoping the empty space would allow for some give) and 100% fill (hoping it would add to the material strength), but that doesn't seem to matter. Any tips? I'm using a vice to insert the bearings, going nice and slow. This is with PLA, and I've tried with multiple spools of filament.

I tried it at 101.38% scale (note that I'm only scaling the X and Y dimensions, Z is still at 100%) but it still cracked when putting the outside bearings in. I'm using standard skate bearings - some Yellow Jackets, some Bones Reds, some generic 608s. They work fine in other spinner prints. I've been mainly testing with the 5-bearing print, but I also had issues with every other design in this print with the exception of the 7-bearing.

Hmm... Instead of adjusting the scale of the part you may want to try adjusting your extrusion multiplier. Have you tried inserting the bearings from either side as well? Sometimes the lower layers may be squished a bit more depending on your starting z-height. I also use the bearing insertion tool and a C-clamp to get the bearings in. I'll throw the fusion360 files up later today if you want to adjust things yourself.

Thanks for the tips. My extrusion multiplier is currently at 1.0, I'll try reducing it slightly the next print.

Here's the Fusion 360 file if you want to mess with the dimensions yourself: http://a360.co/2qfLZ6z

Did you use exact bearing dimensions when designing? Should we apply scaling before printing?

I've posted additional versions of the 4 bearing spinner with a +0.2mm and +0.4mm OD increase. Let me know if either of these work for you and I can generate versions for the rest of them.

Yes, the holes are exactly the OD of the bearings. The fit is very snug on my printer but you may have better luck scaling up or down depending on your printer calibration. Over time the bearings can get a bit loose so I recommend running a thin bead of superglue around the edge of the bearing after it's been inserted.

May i sell this at my skate shop? 5 bucks is what i was thinking if its allowed by you?

Was i supposed to print two peices for one of them?
Like the cap or what?

You don't need the caps for these to work, but they do help preventing your fingers from hitting the bearing outer race and shielding.

can i sell some to people in my school

Sure thing. Just don't charge too much :)

Do you have the file for the cap that goes on the middle bearing?

I finally got around to designing an end cap, let me know how it works!

I used the cap from another design but I've been meaning to make one of my own and stick it on here. I'll try to get around to that in the next few days.

Do you mind if I sell a few of these to my friends?

Go for it :D