Angular Speaker Box

by loidolt Feb 11, 2017
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ill buy a working one from you if it has 1/2 inch cable inputs and power could look cool in my studio

Thank you for your interest!

Unfortunately, I don't make these for sale. You are more than welcome to print out a set of parts and assemble them yourself though. If you don't have access to a 3D printer you could get in contact with a local maker space or use a service like shapeways.

How much would i need to shrink this to fit a 2in speaker?

Can u make one for a 3.5 inch speaker please

Scale it up to 117%

This is the coolest design 3D speaker I've seen. I put this into Bassbox 6 and ran some numbers. Don't have the TS parameters for your speaker so I picked another speaker off of Parts Express and got a nice response out of it. The box roughly calculates to .03 cubic feet. Very cool project!

I suggest this speaker: https://www.parts-express.com/peerless-by-tymphany-tc8fd05-04-3-paper-cone-full-range-speaker--264-1656
Or this one: https://www.parts-express.com/hivi-b3s-3-shielded-aluminum-driver-square-frame--297-427

Thank you very much! I appreciate you taking the time to run the design through Bassbox 6 and provide some more appropriate speaker options (I'll admit the drivers I picked were quite cheap and probably sub-par).

Glad to hear you are liking how they sound!

The hatchbox wood print gives a very flat brown colour, what post-work did you do to get yours looking so awesome?

Huh, that's just how hatchbox wood pla looks straight off my printers. No post processing of the prints but I did take the time to set up a couple fill lights for the photos

Any recommendations for turning these into USB powered speakers based on the speakers you chose? I'm printing this now and I bought the same speakers. I was hoping to convert them to use as computer/desk speakers.

Happy to hear you are making a set of speakers!

I did design a small Bluetooth amplifier enclosure (also supports aux in) for this so I could use it in my shop. It uses standard parts and fits within the footprint of one of the speakers.

The version I made is not intended to be powered by USB, but there are many USB powered amplifiers on eBay if that is a hard constraint for your application.

I will see if I can get a post made for my amplifier soon!

Hello! In what orientation would you recommend printing the top/front piece? With the speaker hole laying on the bed? I would love some more info on how you went about designing and creating these. Been into speaker building for a few years now, but only with wood. I'm not too good with CAD. Any info would be appreciated :).

I printed them both with the large flat side down. The base piece was printed as is currently oriented in the file, and the top piece was rotated 180 degrees so what would become the top of the speaker was down on the bed.

You could definitely print it with the speaker hole laying on the bed if you want that look, totally up to you!

These were designed in SketchUp, for no reason other than I am very comfortable with the program and can knock a design out quickly.

If you are looking to get better at CAD, in general, I would recommend picking up SketchUp or Fusion 360 (both free for hobbyists) and just start designing! There are lots of tutorial videos on YouTube that can help you if you get stuck. Just spending the time, and trying to figure out how to put the thing from your head into the computer, is a great way to learn.

I see, did you use any programs such as WinISD to determine the box size? Or did you just come up with something that would fit on your printer? Could you provide more info on the triangular pattern on the inside of the box?

I used a couple online guides and calculators to get an approximation for the internal volume needed for 3" speakers in a sealed box like these. I would have liked to get more precise but since I bought such cheap speakers from eBay, I didn't have very good documentation on what I was getting from a sound profile perspective.

The triangles were added for two reasons. They help me squeeze a little more volume inside the box and they might help reduce standing waves that could occur with a parallel back surface. I doubt they are doing as much as I hoped they might in either case, but they are something that would be hard to produce without a CNC or 3D printer (smoke 'em if you got 'em type situation) and they look cool haha.

very nice..im looking for something like this but as one box and would like to use the Bluetooth amp from banggood..nice work

Thanks! I am also brainstorming a self-contained, Bluetooth version. Stay tuned!

That would be cool as I have two 3" drivers looking for a home and a printer with nothing to print lol

Nice design but real Wood would be so much better Sound ...

Thanks! Real wood would most likely sound a little better, but I think you would be very impressed with how these sound.

I wanted this design to be easily printable so that others, who may not have access to a woodworking shop, could easily recreate it.

What speaker drivers did you use? How did you do wiring so cleaaaaaan?

The speaker drivers I used are just some fairly inexpensive 3in drivers off eBay. Here is a link to the eBay listing:


The wiring is indeed quite clean on the inside, but the beauty of a speaker box is the wiring is hidden inside the box (clean or otherwise.)

what speakers you use

All the parts used to build these speakers can be found in the "Parts Needed" section of the Thing Details. Additionally, below is a link to the eBay listing for the speaker drivers I used: