Spool Storage Boxes

by Skalla_J Feb 12, 2017
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OK, I undrestand how to put the handle on and I get how to connect the handle to the joiner, but I dont understand how to connect one spool to another to make two or more layers.

Hello i made a version for a 1/2 kilo spools https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2872897
Thanks for your job John.

Remix Spool Storage Boxes Carreteles 1/2 kilo

Is this for the 1kg spools?

Hey thanks a ton for these! Can you post a reel box with divider file?

I buy all my filament from MakerGeeks and there spools are a little wider then the one you used for this project. Would you be willing to make a taller bin for an opening that is 63mm?
Great project!

Comments deleted.

Any one have some dimensions of spools this works with? Or what brand spools have been used?

It works with coils of what diameter?
Thank you for your work.

This should be showcased on homepage. Extremely underated. Thank you for coming up with it.

Great design! I am very glad to find a way to effectively reuse spools. I use the same ones from Microcenter and they don't have a recycling symbol so while I have recycled them in the past they may have ended up in the trash. This is a great way to use them.

I like the way you made the handle and bottom connector with built in threads.

I am making a very tall one that could be pretty heavy. I decided to modify your design to use a 1/4 inch threaded rod through the center and up through a larger handle to hold it all together. I will credit your design when my remix is done.

Awesome. Designing them in a way to easily be stacked together. Genius. Good job :)

Is there any chance that this can be customized for different heights / diameters? In particular, I really love the handles and would like to be able to join this up with other different size spools

This is an awesome idea. I have tons of this stuff....no wait I just threw them away nooooooooooooooooo.

I saw this somewhere a long time ago, and wasn't able to find it ever since, until now! Great Idea! How am I going to know wether it fits my spools? (PrimaValue spools) Thank you for making this!

very good idea !!
thank you.

Insanely good idea yet failed. I have an XYZ Jr Printer and they use proprietary spools so I was not able to ever use Hatchbox. Feeling creative I decided to build you of my own from the ground up. I had printed the base, center, handle. All that was left was the draws and drilling; however I go to print and the draws say 28-30m each! This means 180 for two half draws on 3 spools. This alone would cost me 40 dollars in plastic and would be easier to go out and buy a self. I deiced to scrap the idea and disappointedly were forced to put my spools to waste once again. I am very curious how you did yours. I obviously took a lot of inspiration from it and admire how you had the great idea of re-purposing these. Did the one you make take 1 and 1/2 200m spools as well.

I look forward to your reply,
Justin :)

I have lots of inland brand empty spools hanging around.. Might give this a shot!

I really like this idea. Great to upcycle these instead of relying on recycling, or worse, throwing them away.

Will be printing soon and trying out. My basement workbench area needs this! Thank you!!

You are welcome. Let us know how it turns out.

Everything but the joiners turned out great. I couldn't get it to fully print where the screw meets the base. Tried it twice with the same results.

Hmm. I cannot reproduce the problem you are having. However, while I don't know the particulars of what slicer software and printer you are using, I did run a repair of the file (https://tools3d.azurewebsites.net/) and reposted it as 'joiners_repaired.stl'. Let me know if that fixed it.

I use S3D for all my slicing. I can tell immediately the difference in the original and repaired file. The repaired file shows infill all the way through, where as the original had a gap. Sending it to the printer now so with any luck we'll be all good! Thank you for your assistance on this!!

Yep! Second set of joiners worked like a charm! Loving the awesome storage compartments now! Thank you again!

Another use for those empty spools. good job

already thought of by someone else but you explain it much better