LCD 12864 RepRap Discount Anet A8 Adapter

by OderWat Feb 12, 2017
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Hi, which pin is responsible for encoder? I soldered only required pins.
Pushing encoder button works (menu shows up) but rotation don't :/ It is encoder issue or maybe optional EXP2 pins?

hi does this work with the reprap discount 2004 lcd withe rotary button

I don't think so and would not try it.

OderWas... I mean, OderWat! HEHEHEH!

Nice work and thank you for sharing all this. I am in a quest to help out a friend with this LCD on an Anet board. I have it on a MKS Gen 1.4 and all I have to do was just reverse the plugs... I thought it was the same with an Anet board.

But before I found this information, I tested his LCD on the Anet, just by reversing the plugs (which didn't work), and then, tried his LCD on my printer (since mine was working) and it was only blue. So I figured it was a bad LCD. He ordered a second one and he tried it on his own, again just swapping the plugs. Off course didn't work. This time I got my own LCD, which was a known working LCD...yep, didn't work (again, all I was doing at that point was just swapping the plugs). And then I found this info, like I said.

If you read all this... (Thank you for that!!) here come the issue: After trying my LCD on his printer, I went to plug it back on my printer, and it was not working!!!! Sooooo I am thinking that when I am plugging a working LCD on the Anet and just reversed the plugs, I am actually damaging it?! Is there any way that you know how to test the LCD by itself?

Also, I did change the firmware and made a cable per your directions, and his LCD didn't work. So that is also why I think they are all damaged now.

Maybe we can help me out figuring a way to check the health of the LCDs we have? I have ordered a new one but will take a couple of days to get here.

Thanks again for sticking with this long post!!!

Dunno but if it does not work where it worked before it is pretty certain defective. Changing cables around may inflict shorts in the circuits. I would not try this :)

Got it, thank you. We are on the same page then.

Just to confirm, to make this LCD work with an Anet board, I just have to re-wire the ribbon cable and add the new pins on the firmware, correct?

Thanks again.

Yes. This is what I did.

Hello again! Some updates and questions on my quest...

After making a new set of ribbon wires and addressing the firmware pin outs:

1) The screen comes up to life!!

2) The buzzer buzzes continuously ?

3) When turning OR pushing the knob/wheel, it resets the board ? AND the buzzing stops !?

I will double check the connections on the ribbon cable and the firmware configuration once more, maybe I made a mistake somewhere... because you are sure of the schematic, right?

For the pin out, this is what I have under pins_Anet_10 (maybe you can spot my mistake):


define LCD_SDSS 28


#define SERVO0_PIN       27 // free for BLTouch/3D-Touch
#define LCD_PINS_RS      28
#define LCD_PINS_ENABLE  29
#define LCD_PINS_D4      10
#define LCD_PINS_D5      11
#define LCD_PINS_D6      16
#define LCD_PINS_D7      17
#define BTN_EN1          -1
#define BTN_EN2          -1
#define BTN_ENC          -1
#define ADC_KEYPAD_PIN    1


// Pin definitions for the Anet A6 Full Graphics display and the RepRapDiscount Full Graphics
// display using an adapter board  // https://go.aisler.net/benlye/anet-lcd-adapter/pcb
// See below for alternative pin definitions for use with https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2103748
#define SERVO0_PIN       27     //  old 29 free for BLTouch/3D-Touch
#define BEEPER_PIN       28     //  old 17
#define LCD_PINS_RS      30     //  old 27
#define LCD_PINS_ENABLE  29     //  old 28
#define LCD_PINS_D4      17     //  old 30
#define BTN_EN1          11
#define BTN_EN2          10
#define BTN_ENC          16
#define ST7920_DELAY_1 DELAY_0_NOP
#define ST7920_DELAY_2 DELAY_1_NOP
#define ST7920_DELAY_3 DELAY_2_NOP



define SERVO0_PIN 27


One more point... I do not have the Anet Full Graphics LCD enable, just the RepRap Discount Full Graphics... Do I need to un-comment both?


As always, thank you for your time!!!

LCD 12864 RepRap Discount Anet A8 Adapter
by OderWat

Thank you! I really appreciate the time and the work!!!

Dunno but if it does not work where it worked before it is pretty certain defective. Changing cables around may inflict shorts in the circuits. I would not try this :)

Can anybody help me with this? No clear Text on Display.


in Marlin 1.1.9 I can not configure the file (pins_ANET_10.h) according to the instructions so that LCD 12864 works on Anet A8. Please upload a functional configuration file.

Thank you

Are there any pre-made cables out on the market at this time? I can make the modifications, but I am fairly lazy and if an easier option is available, I prefer to take it.

Hi, i have an issue with the adapter. I have double checked the wiring, but can't find a soulution.

thy for any help

Comments deleted.

I have a blue screen and when I push on rotary encoder, the buzzer do :(
help me please :\

Try this. Its work fine at my A8 and reprap lcd

Nope doesn't work at all.

I got a Reprap Board and I tried to use the schematics to plug the Anet screen to it.

Sadly this doesnt work :(

This is because this adapter is exactly the opposite. The adapter in this thing was designed to plug a RepRapDiscount display into an Anet board. It will not work on a RepRap board (RAMPS, MKS etc) with the A6 screen.

can you post a photo of your screen please ! i want to see if its the same make as mine. thx.

HELP ! Issue with upgrade 12864 fullgraphic RepRapDiscount LCD - Anet A8 stockboard -Anet3d V1-5.

i have done the wiring according to schematics here and no display(blank/white) but the encoder+buzzer seems to work

  • after modding the cable i redid the wires with arduino dupont cables still no image
  • tested with marling different lcd conf +u8glib
  • tested with skynet 2.3.2 same as above
    ... i'm almost shure something is wrong with the wiring
    Thanks in advance.
    Update: reading across the net - seems like it could be some traces with problems (cold contact) or reversed connectors still looking for help from whoever ran into this issue.
    Update- 06jun18: i stopped trying. triyed everything .. just doesnt work.

does anyone have the full pinout of the spare pins on anet a8?
arduino pin numbers that is.

I'd like to find some free ones to use for probe sensor while still keeping my ordinary z-min endstop...
help appreciated.

if I have an Anet 12864 LCD, do I have to build the adapter cable the same?

No. You just need to change settings inside Config.h of Marlin. The Anet A6 12864 LCD will work out of the box with the stock anet mainboard.

You only need this adapter if you DON'T use the Anet 12864 but instead the Reprap 12864 LCD.

I flashed marlin to anet a8 board. (all good) Then my lcd went bad, and have been printing via usb with cura. So I ordered the anet 12864 lcd thinking I could just change settings in config.h and plug'n'play. It is just a blank screen for me tho. :( Any suggestions?

Hab es mit Pfostenstecker gemacht und rückseitig verdrahtet gelötet, funktioniert einwandfrei, bis auf die SD Karte ... Danke

I just successfully did this. I used the SkyNet 2.3.2 fix 2 version which has the code for this display already included. I used the A8 "fullgraphicslcd noautolevel" file. In the configurations.h file, there is an option to choose between standard A6 graphics LCD and the RepRap LCD. I also just used the LCD Connector and ditched the reset button, so I only needed one cable. Very nice!

can you share/post some photos . im out of sollutions. schematic seems confusing and i have tryied all combinations.

hola muy buenas tardes no se si me podrias ayudar tengo la misma placa que la que hay en la pantalla mas o menos hago lo mismo que tu. lo que no entiendo es lo de poner otra vez los pines manualmente.gracias

Okay... Need assistance please.
I'm getting a blank screen and this ticking (sounds like a clock) from the speaker.
When I move the knob the ticking changes with it.

I just checked continuity of all connections I made to the Anet board.
I have checked the wiring several times against the depictions, colors, text, and other references from other sources.
have the one labeled www.bigtree-tech.com from amazon.

I'm flashing..
Skynet v2.3.2 fix 2
Configuration Profiles\Anet A8\A8- fullgraphicslcd- autolevel- front left sensor\18mm sensor
These related changes on the Thing Details page seem to already be in the Skynet Configuration Profile so, I haven't changed anything in there.

I think I'm being a derr and not understanding something.
Any ideas?

BNB says "coloured schematic pic ->LCD:10 > EXP1:9 instead of LCD:10 > EXP1:5" and Oder-Wat says the changes were updated but, BNB's information looks incorrect or I'm really not understanding anything.

same problem here . HELP!
did you manage to fix this ?

Edit: tryied different lcd on marlin FW nothing. flashed skynet 2.3.2 and seems the rotary encoder works i can hear it beep whe i select something.

I have noticed that my progress on the LCD 12864 is always at 100%. Has anyone else had this and if so, what was your fix?


I would like to check with you the connection in J3 pin 7. It is actually for the reset button, so if I don't use the reset button the on the display that particular wire can be omitted?

Könnte es sein, dass es zwei verschiedene Versionen der Adapter geben müsste?
Im Marlin 1.1.4 in der Datei: pins_Anet_10.h gibt es eine Tabelle, wonach es 2 verschiedene Versionen gibt, ob man nun ein "RepRapDiscount Full Graphics Display Wiring" oder ein "Thingiverse RepRap wiring http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2103748" also Deine Version hat.
Bei mir wird nur der Bildschirm blau d.h. Backlight, ich kann den Kontrast einstellen, ich höre ein piepen wenn ich den Knopf drücke, aber sonst sehe ich keine Grafik.
Noch eine Idee?

Nachtrag: Ich habe das Display mal an einen Arduino Uno angeschlossen und ein Beispielprogramm für die U8GLIB geladen, was soll ich sagen Display funktioniert mit sauberem Kontrast.
Ich werde weiter forschen.
Forschen hat sich gelohnt. Das Display funktioniert.
Ich suche noch die Druckjob Zeitanzeige. Kann jemand sagen wo das programmiert ist bzW. wie man die Anzeige aufs Display bekommt?
Bei dem originalen 5 Tasten Display wurde die ja auch angezeigt.

LCD 12864 RepRap Discount Anet A8 Adapter
by OderWat

Wie hast du das Problem gelöst? Ich habe das gleiche Problem.

In der pins_ANET_10.h habe ich Änderungen gemacht. Eine genauere Dokumentation (Kommentare am Ende) findet man in der Version von Marlin 1.1.4 in der pins_ANET_10.h. Die Versionen Skynet und Marlin gehen da geringfügig auseinander (andere Pindefinitionen).
Ich stelle gerade sowieso auf Ramps um, da geht das dann ohne Adapter.

Danke für deine Antwort. Funktioniert nicht. Die Pinbelegungen sind im Skynet (V2.3.2) identisch mit Marlin V1.1.4. Verkabelung stimmt auch. Hier mal meine Pinbelegung:

Wo ist mein Fehler?

Ich habe das so abgeändert, damits funktioniert:
define SERVO0_PIN 27 //29 // free for BLTouch/3D-Touch
define BEEPER_PIN 28 //17
define LCD_PINS_RS 30 //27
define LCD_PINS_ENABLE 29 //28
define LCD_PINS_D4 17 //30
define BTN_EN1 11
define BTN_EN2 10
define BTN_ENC 16

Weil siehe Kommentare in Marlin 1.1.4 pins_ANET_10.h:

  • ====================================================================
  • =============== Alternative RepRapDiscount Wiring ==================
  • ====================================================================
  • An alternative wiring scheme for the RepRapDiscount Full Graphics Display is
  • published by oderwat on Thingiverse at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2103748.
  • Using that adapter requires changing the pin definition as follows:
  • define SERVO0_PIN 27 // free for BLTouch/3D-Touch

  • define BEEPER_PIN 28

  • define LCD_PINS_RS 30

  • define LCD_PINS_ENABLE 29

  • define LCD_PINS_D4 17

  • The BLTouch pin becomes LCD:3
    dann gehts.

Viel Erfolg

Sorry ich weiß nicht warum das jetzt groß geschrieben wird.

LCD 12864 RepRap Discount Anet A8 Adapter
by OderWat

Also ich bekomme das Problem nicht gelöst
Display leuchtet blau und Töne beim drücken aber keine Grafik :(


Geänderte Werte laut Doku:
define SERVO0_PIN 27
define BEEPER_PIN 28
define LCD_PINS_RS 30
define LCD_PINS_D4 17
Default werte erzeugen permanentes "klicken" am Beeper parallel zur LED auf dem Mainboard (trotzdem keine Grafik)

Verkabelung mehrmals mit Voltmeter durchgemessen:
J3:3 > EXP2:1
J3:5 > EXP2:2
J3:6 > EXP2:6
J3:7 > EXP2:8
J3:8 > EXP2:9
LCD:1 > EXP1:9
LCD:2 > EXP1:10
LCD:4 > EXP2:3
LCD:5 > EXP1:1
LCD:6 > EXP2:5
LCD:7 > EXP1:3
LCD:8 > EXP1:2
LCD:9 > EXP1:4
LCD:10 > EXP1:5

Bin mit meinem Latein am Ende :(
Kann evtl. noch die verwendete U8glib version eine Rolle spielen?

Handelt sich um folgendes Display:


Du darfst in der config immer nur ein display auskommentieren.
Für das A6 Display:
Für das 12864 RepRap Discount display, welches du wohl gekauft hast:
und natürlich alle anderen Displays mit den // vor define versehen. Es darf immer nur ein Display ausgewählt sein.
Die beiden // bedeuten, das alles was dahinter in der Zeile noch steht nur noch Kommentar ist.

Hey Hey, Danke für die schnelle Hilfestellung.
Leider hab ich es nur etwas unglücklich umschrieben :(
Ich meinte damit nur das ich bereits beide LCD Typen in der configuration.h ausprobiert hatte, natürlich einzeln

Mit mehreren wirft er auch direkt die Meldung dass nur ein LCD type selektiert sein darf beim kompilieren
(hatte mal anfangs extra das Anet Keypad LCD mit drin gelassen)

An anderer Stelle wurde empfohlen noch ein include U8glib.h in die configuration.h hinzuzufügen - hat auch nichts geändert...

Nunja soweit der Stand -_- werd es wohl aufgeben und ein A6 Display (Mit Drehknopf rechts) holen.

Evtl. versuch ich noch die zweite Belegung laut pins_ANET_10.h bevor ich das Ding in die Tonne trette
Unterscheidet sich scheinbar nur leicht beim LCD connector mapping...

Hallo ich habe auch dieses Display und es ist ebenfalls nur Blau und leises piepen.

Hi OderWat. First thanks for all your work with the Anet, it's really helpfull!

Do you know if there is any way of connecting this LCD to the Anet?:



Seems to me that it have the same display that the anet and should be compatible with it but i tried pluging it and didn't work... I don't know if it have the same pin layout than the full display...


I just tried your information for hooking up my full graphics display and all it does is light up blue and beep. Checked the wiring several times. My display came from Amazon and it says it is compatible with the ramps 1.4 board but I have the original anet v1.0 board. Is there anyway to get this one to work or did I get the wrong display? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073PTKMJM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I think you have not made the right changes to the firmware. I usually beeps if you compile it for the standard lcd.

I bought the correct lcd and your instructions worked perfect. Thanks for your help.

I'm having the same issue you had. Blue screen w/ loud constant beep. I have the RepRap Discount LCD. Do you mind sharing what worked for you. Thanks

Ok. I'll recheck everything because I have the second one you bought. Thanks

I used this one #define REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER then I used this one #define ANET_FULL_GRAPHICS_LCD and it does the same thing. I am using Skynet 2.3.2.fix 2. According to your instructions you only need one wire connected to the j3 connector of the main board correct? Thanks for your quick response.

Inzwischen kann man in der Anet-Firmware dieses Display mit diesem Umbau extra anwählen.
Also mann muss nur noch eine Verkabelung wie hier beschrieben schaffen, und dann in der configuration.h folgenden Punkt aktivieren

// RepRap Discount (with Anet Adapter wiring see: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2103748)


Am Ende muss die Sektion so aussehen.
//#define ULTRA_LCD // Character based
//#define DOGLCD // Full graphics display
// RepRap Discount (with Anet Adapter wiring see: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2103748)


Flashen, geht.
Danke für das Schema, Odawat :)

LCD 12864 RepRap Discount Anet A8 Adapter
by OderWat

Hallo, habe etwas gegoogled und diese "InLine 33440K USB 2.0 Verlängerung" gefunden. Bestellt man 2 Stück kann man die als Adapter benutzen und lediglich umpinnen. Die Platine von Beebix ist zwar Klasse, aber dann müßte man sich diese erst selber herstellen.
Ansonsten tolle Arbeit OderWat.
Wenn man jetzt noch den SD Schacht zur Funktion bringt wäre optimal.


Thanks for all your efforts.

Am I being stupid? I can't compile with #define REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER enabled. It won't fit.
Errors are:
/Marlin.ino.elf section .text' will not fit in regiontext'
../avr/bin/ld.exe: region `text' overflowed by 1464 bytes
I'm assuming you are using the original Anet board so what am I not doing to make this work?


I never compile SD support. You may need to disable other features / leveling system or change the bootloader to optiboot or use a programmer instead of the bootloader.

OderWat, can you please tell me, if possible, how to alter my configuration to allow me to print with SD card and not loose my BL Touch? Currently-Anet A8 with Anet board, Marlin 1.1.3, bl touch, RepRap LCD.

I don't use the SD card myself and I am also going to switch to a Rumba board next time I have my "3d printing" phase, so I have no reason to figure it out, sorry!

I understand. Thank you for your reply and for sharing all your work. I will look forward to your next phase.

Thanks for the reply. I noticed somewhere that you'd said you didn't use the SD card and didn't compile for it, so I tried that and it compiled and worked great.
Thanks again for all your work on this project.

If you want to print from SD card, then it must be enabled. Correct? Which feature do you recommend to disable so that Marlin will compile? (Marlin 1.1.3, bl touch, RepRap LCD 12864, Anet A8) I have edited my config to match OderWat's in Github.

Yep! unfortunately.
I really haven't looked into this much further. I disabled the SD card and now use Octoprint or USB for short prints. I think the only alternative is a 32 bit board or RAMPS 1.4

I connected all the wires and even double checked it. I can't get anything to display on the screen. It is just sitting on a blue screen. Any ideas?

Edit: I noticed I had my wires reversed, but either way, now I plug it in and it begins to flicker continuously and does a beeping sequence, sounding like it was following with my print.

Yes. If they sell whats in the picture.

Hallo, eine Frage, da ich sehe, dass du mehr kontrollierst als ich vom Thema, wäre es möglich, einen MKS TFT 2.8 "Bildschirm in anet zu installieren.

Wird von Marlin bisher nicht unterstützt ... Möglich ist es womöglich, jedoch muss man mit dem wenigen Flash Speicher des ANet Boards rechnen. Ich denke das wäre eher was für Board mit mehr Speicher.

Hallo ich versuche jetzt den umgekehrten weg zu gehen daß anet A6 display auf ramps leider klappt es überhaupt nicht bin nur verwirrt von den umpinen könntest du mir irgendwie weiterhelfen bitte?

Hello, a question, since I see that you control more than I of the subject, it would be possible to install a MKS TFT 2.8 "screen in anet.

Hallo und Danke für deine Arbeit.
Ich bin vom originalen Anet-Full-Graphic-LCD auf diesen Discount-LCD umgestiegen
und kann die korrekte Funktion bestätigen. Allerdings auch das von ArkaitzP berichtete Dauer-Beepen
nach dem connecten von OctoPrint.Bevor ich den Buzzer deaktiviere: Gibts nun eine alternative Methode?

Tut mir leid, aber dazu kann ich nichts sagen. Hört sich an als würde da ein Pin irgendwie doppelt verwendet. Ich weiss aber nicht mal wie das Board an Octoprint angeschlossen wird. Bei mir läuft der Drucker über die USB Schnittstelle am Rechner und das klappt ohne Probleme.

Ja seltsam. Anschluss des Raspi erfolgt auch via USB. Beim Druck via USB/PC ist alles okay.
Auch beim orig. ANET A6 LCD gabs keinen Probleme mit dem Buzzer/BLTouch.
Für das Discount-LCD habe ich neben der geänderten Verkabelung nur die Config geändert Pins 27/29 sowie RepRap Discounter LCD definiert.
Für BLTouch außerdem von Pin7 auf Pin3 am ANET Board. Alles läuft, bis auf den Buzzer.

Beept der auch, wenn Du J3 komplett weg lässt?

So fix getestet: auch bei komplett entferntem J3-IEC Stecker beept er nachdem OctoPrint connected hat.

Ich frage mich ob das ein Hardware oder ein Software Problem ist. Kann man den Octoprint sozusagen "tot" schalten, so das man eigentlich nur die Hardware dran hat. Vielleicht sendet OctoPrint ja irgendwas, wodurch dann der Beeper angesteuert wird.

Also ich habe mal OctoPrint auf meinem Mac installiert und mit dem Drucker gekoppelt. Das klappt wunderbar und da piept auch nichts. Ich habe zum Test auch mal etwas auf diesem Weg gedruckt.

Mhh, bei mir läuft Octoprint auf einem Raspi3. Standard-Image mit ein paar Plugins und div. GPIO-Steuerrelais.
Beim Lesen deiner Kommentare war mir noch aufgefallen, dass du den SDCard-support nicht einkompilierst.
Ich hab ihn derzeit drin. Evtl. liegt's daran!? Drucken selbst, klappt hier mit abgeklemmten Beeper (EXP1:1)auch einwandfrei.

Ich habe gerade mal mit SD Support kompiliert. Das macht keinen Unterschied bezüglich der Funktion.

Nur zur Info ich hatte das selbe Problem als ich alles in ein Gehäuse eingebaut habe. Vorher ging alles ohne piepen. Bin dann nach langem suchen dahinter gekommen das auf dem Anet Board die microSD stecken muss damit es nicht mehr piept. Völlig verrückt aber hat geholfen :)

Okay, danke. Dann kann ich mir den Test sparen ;)
Ich hab evtl. den hier noch im Verdacht:
Mal sehen.

Thank you very much for the Tutorial. Just received my 70cm IDC cables yesterday and built your Adapter. I was surprised that it worked right at first try :)

Good work! :)

Hi OderWat,
first of all i want you to thank you very much for this great tutorial!
But I want to point out that on the coloured schematic pic is a small mistake, which took me some time ;)
=> coloured schematic pic ->LCD:10 > EXP1:9 instead of LCD:10 > EXP1:5

Nevertheless big thank you!
Worked great!

OK. Thank you. I was allowed to use it from one of the makes. I never used it myself and I just skimmed over the colors (which are correct).

Update: I fixed it here.

DUUUUUUDE !!!! what s for a A.W.E.S.O.M.E work .
Keep the link immediately. Not because i will connecting on my dead Anet Motherboard but because it s a real cool work. congratz

Only one question please: WHY some wire n picture are NOT CONNECTED??? and on diagram in "............. (point) " are drawing???

I'm having issues getting this display to work, and I'm not sure if I have a dud display, or if it's something I'm missing. I've quadruple checked my wiring and made certain that they are all mapped correctly according to the wiring diagram, and the text layout. I've tried manually changing the config files, and compiling from the github fork. When I upload the firmware to the board, the display is powered on, but I get nothing at all to come up on the screen, I've tried adjusting the contrast, and all it does is go all black, or all bright blue. Also tried flipping the cables around as I read on the reprap.org site that some of these had the pins backwards. When I do that, I don't get any power to the display at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hab dann mal den Adapter designt und hochgeladen und hierher verlinkt ;-)
Das ist der Link dazu http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2179964
wenn du möchtest, kannst du es in deiner Dokumentation mit aufnehmen.

Nochmal Danke für den Schaltplan ^_^

ANET 1.0 Discount LCD-12864 Adapter
by Beebix

I purchased this LCD from Amazon. The vendor that sold it said it should be a straight shot to plug in LCD EXP1 -> Anet A8 EXP1 and LCD EXP2->Anet A8 EXP2. I did and got a dead LCD. They had me reverse cables etc but not luck. I found your link and I want to order the parts to make the adapter. I just want to be sure I did not miss something. I have successfully used the Skynet 2.3.1 to flash the Anet A8 5button/LCD Autolevel Front Left Sensor and am happy with the prints Im getting with my NPN induction sensor. I used the SkyNet FullLCD configuration.h file and unremarked the REPRAP_DISCOUNT... ANET_FULL_GRAPHICS_LCD etc ,reflashed after each firmware upload and power cycle but no luck. I saw the changes to the pin.h file. Is it possible to swap the PIN locations via the config file or as I believe is the case should I just order the parts and wire it as you have show. Thanks for a great job!

It is not possible to use it without rewiring the cables. I am not sure which parts you want to order. You can just splice up the cables and rewire it. It would not even need to be soldered if done carefully.

Good Morning (I think , havent gone to sleep, working on 3D Printer lol. I ended up ordering (as per part of your helpful wireing comments the following parts from Amazon last night: Many Helicopter Quadcopter Airplane Boat Car Controller [QTY: 1] Dupont 40 Qty 10cm 2.54mm 1pin Female to Jumper Wire Cables [QTY: 1] Male [QTY: 1] [QTY: 1] 20cm Wires Connector Cable 1p 5 Colors Yell . I would rather not solder a ribbon cable. My skillset isnt as refined as that. These should work with a bit of labeling.

The parts will be here Saturday. Another silly but required question. Do I need to also add you firmware config as well as define the AnetA8 LCD line as well? If so I already have that part done. I use octopi to print over wifi as it is so its not needed any qay for the LCD right now. Your changes compiled into the skynet231 config and uplaoded the fireware fine. I did disable the Buzzer based on the other octopi comments however.

The LCD 12864 works great following your instructions but when I try to connect to Octoprint to the printer the LCD starts beeping very loud, do you know how to fix this issue?

Permanent or just once? I use my printer all the time with USB which should be similar and have no problems. Did you double check the wiring maybe you or I have an error somewhere? Also make sure that you have "#define BEEPER_PIN 28". If "nothing" helps you may just remove the connection from LCD:5 to EXP1:1 (which is the beeper line).

it was permanent, the wiring looks OK so I remove the connection LCD 5 to EXP1 and the beep is gone. Thanks

I'll do a print to check that the rest is fine

Still strange. How is Octoprint connected exactly? I would love to see your Configuration.h, Configuration_adv.h and pins_ANET_10.h files?

Of course, how I can send you the files?

Most preferably as Gist https://help.github.com/articles/about-gists/ or using https://www.zipshare.com/ or any other sharing service. I don't like to post email addresses on the net for obvious reasons. You could also contact me on Telegram: @oderwat.

You reference the github repository for Skynet3d. What is the difference between the version at github and the version on facebook? The version on github is 1.x something and the version on facebook is 2.3x or something....There is a big version number difference.

The GitHub version is the original Marlin firmware ported for the Anet hardware. That is basically the 1.1.0 release candidate no. 8 + all current Marlin bug fixes + "the port" + all fixes by the current SkyNet3D maintainer (me). The "SkyNet3D" version 2.3 is the version of the package including the Marlin firmware + all you need to make it work on windows. It usually lags behind the code from the GitHub version until the SkyNet3D package sees a new release. Think of it as "raw" and "cooked". The GitHub version is what Pete uses to cook a new SkyNet3D release. As the releases differ one needs different version numbers for the different products. SkyNet3D is supported on Facebook. I don't do any support for SkyNet3D or Marlin, nor give I any guarantees that the GitHub code is working at a specific time. If you know what you are doing, using the GitHub version is probably ok and you may even help with development. If not, you should stay with the SkyNet3D releases or at least don't shout at me if the GitHub version breaks stuff for you :)

That is a terrific information. I appreciate it. I am a long term programmer, engineer and will work with the github version, since I have all of the other stuff working.

Thanks Alot!

I wonder,

had a quick look at the schematics for the Melzi and the 12864.

Seems like SCK/MOSI and MISO are already connected to the SD. So could we use [ANET LCD/P3] for the SS to make the SD work?
Or even sacrifice the beep and use [ANET LCD/P5]

The onboard SD also does not seem to use the SD Card Detect pins anyway.

Well, I used P5 A3 / SD_SEL (28) for the beeper because I wanted to use P3 A4 / BEEPER (27) for the 3D-Touch / BLTouch. So I already sacrificed SD_SEL for the beeper. The SD Card was not of my concern, I usually don't even compile with SD support.

You could probably sacrifice the beeper (and BLTouch) to get all pins for using the SD Card slot on the display.

I actually use and documented the J3 cable only for the reset button to work. I can let my USBasp in that connector without harm. I did not check if PB5-PB7 (MOSI/MISO/SCK) is connected to the SD Card on the board, but I thought so. Actually I kinda forgot to document them as "not to connect". I did not even check if the SD Card still works on the board (but I did now and it does).

I'd say go for it and try if you can switch to the display SD Card by changing SSD / SD_DETECT_PIN to 27 and 28. I don't want to lose my BLTouch so that is no option for me, especially when I don't use the SD Card anyway.

Would be nice if you report the results if you try it!

I Don't understand if your sd card of motherboard work or not...

Ordered a display yesterday, so will take a couple of weeks to arrive.
Will try when it's in and get back to you.

You did some test to enable sd card, maybe on anet board?

Any news to use SD card?

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