Anet A8 Corner Brace Bottom Left Frame (Minimalistic)

by klownius Feb 13, 2017
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why didnt you put both files on the same post

Due to different motherboard enclosures and mods, I wasn't sure if everyone could use both of them. So, I just kept them separate and referenced each other in the description.

I printed the left and the right side at once with the small sides downwards. Both files can be found in Thingiverse. I added a brim and in about 40 minutes it was finished. The corners fit perfectly. (The paper sheet is removed from my acryl plates)

can you just mirror it to fit on the other side

It's not an exact mirror as this one has notch cut out for the motherboard. There other side can be found in the description.

I would like to know this too. Why is there 2 in the pic and only one file. WOMP

Anet A8 Corner Brace Bottom Right Frame (Minimalistic)

Jimmybob956, thank you for finding this.

I kept them separate as some mods can interfere with one side or the other, and it may make sense to download only one of them. I will a link to the other side in the description.

You could, but then the gap for the motherboard would be visible without any real purpose (although behind the PSU).

Looking at the first picture with the installed part close-up, I can see the gap of light just below bottom right of the blue frame piece. No wonder the Anet A8 needs these corner braces! That's quite a gap.

After installing T-Braces, the upper Corner Braces (modified to accommodate the T-Braces), the two Frame Braces, the LCD Bezel gap filler, and the button gap filler, I can barely move the printer from left to right, and it no longer squeaks. That was really annoying sound wise, and it's better quality print wise.

Kudos to everyone for making all of those braces!