Yet Another Ikea Lack Enclosure (Wanhao Duplicator Plus)

by Mframe Feb 13, 2017
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I printed everything. and is it just me or the hinges are reversed? if I put the hinges on the corners, the solid part is on top (bottom hinge). so you cant really put the acrylic sheet. I tried a lot of combination and flipping of the 2 hinges that I printed but nothing works.

My apologies, you're correct. I corrected the two hinges (rev3) and the overall doc (rev3b) and have uploaded them.

You can either use an exacto knife to remove the stops on each of your current pieces, or you can reprint the two smaller hinge parts for each door.

Holy cow. that was fast. LOL. yeah. might as well just reprint it. :) thank you so much.

Do you have the list of fasteners that you used?

I picked up one of the orange boxes of screws while at Ikea getting the Lack. I don't have specifics but used 16 screws attaching the corner pieces to the top. 4 corners, 2 screws per side. Then two screws for the hinges.

With the modified design you shouldn't need the two for the hinges. Each corner now has 4 pre-formed screw holes, so you should still need 16 small wood screws.

For the led mounts each mount needs one very small wood screw.

awesome!. thanks!.

I printed these at 100% and couldn't get a single leg to fit. I reprinted at 103% and they fit, but now 6 of the 8 corners are simply incorrect. The back top left and right are correct. The other six all have their "shelves" in the middle of the piece, hanging out into space, instead of even with the end of a leg after it is inserted into the socket. This would allow the shelf to be flush with the top or bottom of the table. Also, two of the STLs have their names switched.

Sorry you had problems with it, but I'm not quite sure what to tell you about sizing without more details of your print. I printed at 100% using Hatchbox PLA, no heat on the bed, with a 30% infill. There was no shrinkage or warping to speak of. The fit is tight, intentionally so, and I had to work the edges of the legs in. The pieces do flex just enough to go around the legs, though it will start to peel the very edges of the laminate on the legs. Any scuffing is ultimately hidden by the design.

Sorry about the issues with the shelves, they were a last minute addition (you'll note they don't appear in my photos). I had to drill and use screws to attach to the table top so I added the shelves but did a poor job of proofing them. I have modified the designs and uploaded v3 here where they should now be corrected. I'm wondering if adding the shelves sacrificed the flexibility that let me force the legs into the original design. I'll try to print one of the latest designs soon to check.

I've corrected the naming of the files and made one mod. There is no need to have separate stl files for the back corners, all four are the same part. So print 1 ea of the top parts, 1 ea of the btm parts, and 4 of the rear_corners and you should be set.

Just looking at the images, these look much better. With almost 200 hours into printing these things twice, I'm reluctant to print them one more time. Maybe I'll replace the pieces one at a time over time. One other thing, I had no trouble with the hinge pins breaking off, but the holes for the pins were too small. I pulled the two small hinge pieces into Sketchup and enlarged the holes and they worked fine. It looks like you removed the grooves for the acrylic from those pieces, is that correct?

Yes, I would definitely print one test piece first (probably one of the rear corners) before investing in printing them all. Print it and make sure it fits your leg.

What material and fill rate are you using? I think my hinge pins sheared because I had printed them at 30% and they were just too weak. Since they sheared off I wasn't able to try fitting them in the hinge, but nice job fixing them. I did the original designs in sketchup.

Good catch, I've just uploaded the revised door hinge pieces that hold the door panel in place by sandwiching them. I have not test printed them.

For the original hinge design, to mount the door I connected the hinge corners with the hinge pieces and put blue painters tape over the front of the hinges. I then took the plexiglass door panel and placed it where I wanted it using the tape to hold it in place, pre-drilled screw holes, and then mounted the plexi in the hinges.

My first attempt (too small to fit the legs) was white MonoPrice PLA, at the default Cura PLA settings, except 0.2mm layers and 20% fill. With those the hinge pins broke easily, so maybe my temperature needs to be adjusted for that filament.

The second batch was printed with MonoPrice clear PLA and the same settings, except scaled by 103%. These are much stronger and the hinge pins seem solid. Maybe tonight I'll try reprinting one of the front left corners and a hinge piece and see how it all fits.

Great, let us know how it turns out!

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