Western Town

by mrhers2 Feb 16, 2017
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Are there any notes or web posts about your game? I'm intrigued by the idea of running a "Western themed dnd game." Awesome!

I added an overview of what I have so far storywise on the Details page. As far as gameplay the party has reached the castle ruins and stopped the cultists from opening the portal (a story borrowed from WotC revolving around Winterhaven and Shadowfell Keep). I added in the bit at the end where the portal was left with the crack big enough to fit through and the beast taunting them before it recedes from sight (the beast is much larger than a human and cannot fit through the crack). I've been feeling out the group for what they want to do next. We have a couple ladies in the group and they want something "girly" in the next game so that's why I wanted to throw in the bit about them being the prophesied royalty so that the women could role play out being real princesses. I also had an idea of them coming through the portal and materializing as random animals. The dead royal guards by the airship have ornate mirrors hanging off their belts that upon looking into them transforms them back. This would add some fun mechanics and a chance for the women to play as fuzzy, cute little animals. I'm open for ideas and suggestions so feel free to let me know what you think!

I would be more than happy to post about my dnd game somewhere. What is your website of choice? I think it would be hard to post my entire campaign I've been crafting on my notes here but I might be able to give a synopsis in Thingiverse at least.

Anything you are willing to share is awesome. I'm just super intrigued by the idea of a Western DnD game. Guns and magic. Seems cool.

Check out the second comment I posted (for some reason it put it above my first comment?) and then check out the "How I designed this" section for this thing and I have a little summary of the story so far.