Ikea Samla Clip. The best one. Period. ( Liter)

by Wookbert Feb 14, 2017
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I just printed them up and I like them even more than those sold at ikea! I have just one problem, if you use 4 clips per box, then you can't stack 11L samlas. With 22L samlas it's ok.

The dissatisfaction not only with Ikea’s own clip, but also all other Samla clips here on Thingiverse led me to this design. If you like it, I'd appreciate a small tip for a beer or Pizza, using the tip button or this link to my PayPal account –> http://bit.ly/2ZzAKDP.

As for the stackability using 4 clips: Simply place the clips on the long edge of the box and move them so they are between the feet of the box stacked on top.

Works realy great. Used 0,2 mm and Wood/Normal PLA.

Wow they're super strong, fits nicely on the 45L (301.029.75) I have some foam round my box to help seal so upped by 5% and its a nice snug fit. Thanks

Glad you like 'em. A small 3 Dollar tip for a beer or half a pizza is always welcome :) Just use the tip button.

They are really awesome, thank you for your work and sharing.

Thank you very much for your tip!

Do you think you can make one for the larger boxes? (low 55 liters and up) Like this one: https://www.ikea.com/se/sv/catalog/products/00130129/

Have you actually tried whether one of the existing designs work? Problem is that I don't own the 55L low profile Samla box.

The height of the lid is 22 mm and the width is 31 mm.
If you want and are able to make a clip i can test and give feedback if it needs adjustment.

You took those measure with a caliper? As I don't know how (based on which points you measured: Can you take the same measure on the 5.11.22L box and the 45.65L box, so I can see by how much I need to make the higher/wider? (Given that you have those boxes at hand).

Yes i did so it should be quite close i guess. The smaller one is almost 11 mm x 18,5 mm and the larger one is almost 17 mm x 18,5 mm.
Not easy getting the exact measurements on plastic like that. It tends to differ a few tenths of mm depending on where you measure.

... which is why it took me so many iterations with 1/10 mm adjustments, until I found the perfect „snap“ on the existing sizes. I have to see when I can find the time to create the 55L version. Currently extremely busy. I'll see what I can do. You might need to remind me through a direct message.

No rush! And i'll be glad to help you test it on my Samla box!
If it's not a difficult thing, you could make a few samples with different measure and i can print them all at once and test.

I'm trying to learn doing and changing things in 3D but i'm a real baby in the process so right now i can't do things like this, otherwise i would have tried myself. But with some more practice i might be able do do it. =)

They are not even close :-(
The same goes for the larger ones (don't remember size but they are more than 100 liters that share the same size/design on the lid)

Thank you for these design. Is it possible to add a 1mm wide, 2mm tall chamfer to the edge? So it will print with a small curve on the sides and also it will eliminate the need of filing on the bed side :)

I understand your request, problem though is that adding a chamfer removes the ability to scale the length of the design. I suggest that you do this on your own.

Thanks for your answer. If I open the stl in Fusion3D I cannot edit it unfortunately. Do you have some source file available for editing? Thanks!

Thanks, worked great fist time, good fit without resizing

Very nice design, but I had to scale this to 96% scale for a good and tight fit on my 5 litre and 11 litre Samla boxes (used the 5-11-22L STL). First I tried 100% and 98% scale but they were both too loose.

I printed on Original Prusa i3 MK3 using generic white PLA with 0.2mm layer height, 4 perimeters, no infill, model cut to 15 mm length/height. Works good. I increased speeds to about 2x from the default fast 0.2mm Prusa profile in Slic3r PE 1.39.1 and was able to print 8 of these 15 mm tall clips at once in about 1h 20min with ok quality and well functioning clip.

I concur that these fit but weren't nearly as tight as I'd want. In my case though I added some weatherstripping which made up for the gap.

you could also try 'fixing' your loose clips by annealing (=baking) them.

that has the effect of a few percent x/y shrinkage (+some z growth)
plus it dramatically increases the strength of your PLA parts!

if you've never heard of annealing - heres a good read

The creator here... I was scratching my head first, when I read that you had to scale down the model the reach the desired tightness, but then I read that you had shortened the length down to 15 mm. That is too short IMO. The clip’s length is an important factor when it comes to the tightness, as it defines the area in which box and cover are „pulled“ against each other.

Try my suggested length of 36 mm at 100% scale (2 clips on a 5 Liter box, 4 clips on a 11 Liter one). Yes, it does cost a bit more filament, but satisfies in both handling and snappiness.

I can record and link a short video for you later.

Yep, video and pictures with dimensions (w/ ruler/caliper in picture for reference) would be interesting. Are you sure that your printer prints on scale? (Silly question, I know).

Here's a video showing the fit on 100%, 98% and 96% scaled prints on long and short edges of the 11 litre box: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wh89girt5noakoj/Ikea%20Samla%20Clip%20%28thing%202110134%29.mp4?dl=0

In my opinion the 96% version is perfect for the boxes I have and works well even with very short lengths (like 15 mm). I can post some caliper measurement photos some other day if you still want to see that, but the print scale should be accurate. All of my other prints have come out with correct dimensions as designed.

Very interesting. I just tried 100% scale prints I have with lengths of 22 and 36 mm on all sides of several 11 Liter Samla boxes I have here and ... they fit on any side of the cover, both short and long edge.

So, it must be indeed a tolerance/variation in your Samla manufacturing batch. IKEA manufactures the same products in various factories as you might know. No idea whether it is the cover or the box which is different.

My first try was 100% scale at 22 mm length and that is way too big. I know the length here affects how much the part gives in when bending, but in both my prints at 100% and 98% scale there was just air around and the part moved in every direction while it was on the container with the lid on. Maybe there is some small variation with the box dimensions depending on country or the year they were manufactured? I'm not sure when I bought these exact boxes I tried these with (I think last year) but I bought them from IKEA in Finland.

The best one ???? Yes, you're right. I love your clips.


Please generate one in your design for the last (missing) size of IKEA samla boxes. The 55liters version (the 130liters version seams to be equal).

:) Thanks a lot.

PS: like this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1532351

Samla Lid Clip for largest Storage Box (55l)
by AxelTB

Just printed two to try them out on my 45l samla box, Printed really nice but one of them cracked when I mounted it, will have to try again and pay attention to what settings I use :).

Printed with PrimaSelect PETG on a CR-10.

The fit is really good. Nice work

Works great. Printing using some PETG that I can't become good friends with, so great to use on something like this.
I print mine sized at 60% height, around the 22mm, but have some about 1cm from a failed print. They work as well. Gret design.

To speed up print, I just use 4 shells, so there will be no infill. I often find many of these small models prints faster with more walls rather than vey short infill across the gap

Just made one in Hobbyking PETG to test the filament, it's perfect and fits the box nicely.
Printed on Malyan M150 @ 235°C and 30% infill
Thanks Wookbert!!!

You’re welcome!

Good job! They work perfectly! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the appreciation!

The only one that has worked for a box of 65l of the year 2017

Good job thank you

Thanks for the appreciation!

Could these be provided in a version with the standard recycling symbol for PLA and ABS on the flat side? These symbols are available as stl and svg from thingiverse from several projects.

A lot of items like this get printed, and then can't later be recycled when they're no longer needed because they lack this tag even though the materials that we print with as a community are all recycleable. I don't think it would ruin the look of the clip at all to have a shallow embossed symbol on it.

I can remix it myself but think it would be better to have it in the main "Best Samla Clip!". I mean, what would I call mine?

Well, by your logic every single file, every single model on Thingiverse then should come in several versions, matching the possible type of material it could be printed in. ABS, PLA, PETG, TPE, Nylon, Wood, Cork & Carbon Fills, PC ... the list is endless. Where does one start, where does one end?

I agree that that's a general problem with 3d printing, but the solution can't be to add a material logo to the model itself. One should bear in mind that residual waste is burned (in an environmentally friendly oven) anyway. No idea how plastic parts are processed/identified if to collect them separately. I seriously doubt that someone will inspect tiny parts for their material logos.

I always wonder how they do it. Where I live they have mixed plastics recycling and I think that's quite normal. But I don't know how they identify the different kinds of plastics. I've noticed ghah for bought plastic parts they almost always have these logos even if quite small. Maybe the best answer ultimately would be the option to add these logos to parts in the slicer since the slicer knows the material. I guess PLA at least should burn quite nicely, being carbohydrate based.

I knew that there must be an automated process: It is done by detecting the optical wavelength in the near infrared spectrum. Check out for instance this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ0aINfaOtU.

Sweet! Thanks very much. Agreee then that this isn't all that needed.

Thank you for the useful file :)

The 45/65 Liter version of my clip is finally online!

Yes, agreed! Your model fits perfectly on the small box, even better than the IKEA original one!!!
I also would like to try the clip for the 45 liter box. If you need more pictures or information on the clip, I can PM you too.
Please let me know.

Although I personally have no use (yet) for the 45 liter box, I bought one today in order to meet the demand for the matching clip. Watch this space... I should release the 45 liter clip shortly.

I really like your design, is it possible to create a clip for the 45 litre (12 gallon) box? This one is too small.

Actually I don't own the 45 litre Samla box. Could you mail me a picture via PM (private message) which shows my clip design on that box size? I need to understand where the difference between the giant box and the smaller ones lie.