Print-in-place articulated figure: Zippityboombot!

by Zippitybamba Feb 15, 2017
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I gave it a gift to my great nephew and he loved it. I got it to print, mostly, but I also had a issue with the right arm. It sort of welded the arm after shifting a bit in the socket area so it was still ok, but a little slanted at the shoulder. I think it may be due to the arm shifting in the socket during printing, so I am trying again with slower infill settings and more infill. Wish me luck! Wonderful design.

His right arm keeps failing on my 2 attempts, ends up all stringy but recovers mostly where it meets the shoulder. Still a failed print though. Might need to add a custom support, it seems there is a large gap it tries to print.

Just printed this and everything was going really well until my printer got to the head. The joint is loose and the head started spinning during the print. Probably more of an issue with my printer than the actual design of the object. I may try printing with support material and see if that keeps the head from spinning during print.

That's frustrating. Happened to me with an earlier version before I increased the head supports internally. Odd that it still happened to you. Good luck with your next attempt.

I printed it and it turned out great! i hope you will make more of these kind of prints

Thanks! I'm considering some robot dog or horse type things, when I clear a backlog of ideas.
I appreciate the comment.

I think it's neat robot and I'd love to make some for my kids. I sized it down by 10% to be sure it would fit on my MP Select Mini. The only problem I'm having is that when I try to use Cura to save a .gcode file on my memory card to later take over to my printer, It's doesn't save anything and I can't find the .gcode file!



it shld be the problem of cura, not the model

I'm afraid that's a Cura issue I can't solve, unless the save directory is incorrect. Good luck!

Can you move the legs to the front? It's too big to print on my MP Mini Select, only have a 120x120.x120 print area.

Otherwise it looks pretty cool.

Unfortunately, not without some redesign. For the knees to work the kneecaps have to be on bottom while printing.

Well the MP Select Mini is pretty popular, I'm sure more people than me would sing your praises. I plan to remix you model and hang rocket, missiles and lasers off of it.
Making toys for a 4 year old is a good way to learn 3d Printing and 3d Design, but right now I'm only 1 month into this adventure.

Thanks for the reply

It appears his forearms don't touch the build plate. Is this correct?

Thanks for your interest. There is a middle section to the forearms that is in contact, and an outer rim that is close but not quite. Since the brim forms around the entire thing, my slicer reads both as in contact. If sliced at a higher resolution I could see a slicer putting the brim only around the inner portion. If you want to slice at .1mm and it fails, I'd be willing to drop it all 0.01mm.

I'm using Simplify3D at .2mm layer height. Just dropping him in the slicer shows the forearms not contacting. I need to lower the Z by -0.10mm in order to get full contact on his forearms. Maybe he'll print fine as-is, but I thought I check with you and see if cutting .1mm off the bottom is going to hurt anything?
Thanks! Great Model - look forward to printing it :)


I just finished printing this. I sliced it as-is in Simplify3D (without a brim) and it came out great! I did notice the issue you mentioned, but it didn't affect the outcome in any way I can tell.

Wow! Awesome! Great to know.
My printer is down (temporarily), but plan on print it as well ASAP.
Thanks @dlmorgan999 and @Zippitybamba

That's great! Glad it came out well. If you don't mind, an "I made it" helps convince people to try one themselves. I'd also like to see your bot.