Anet A6 : Feeder improvement for flexible filament

by Athanasus Feb 15, 2017
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Thanks for the A6 design - I have now modified it a little and it works really well on the A3. I was forever taken the screws out due to the filament not making its way through every time and other problems that the stock configuration gives. I now put the filament in really quickly and take it it out easily.
My drive cog is bigger than your hole and the dolly wheel needed to swing further. So modified those a bit and also changed the spring screw size to M8. On the base of the spring I put two washers to act as a bearing, so the spring did not snag. Also took a notch out of the push arm to clear fan screw and nut.

Now been using it for a while and it works well.

Photos attached

Warning !!! I printed this piece and used it and it burned the extruder motor because it leaves very little space between the extruder motor gear and the part and the motor seized and the winding burned.

Hi Calisto,
Yes you have to pay attention when you print technical files that your printer is well calibrated !
At least check that parts move freely when mounted... That's a very basic.
I'm sorry for your motor (of course, if it can't rotate, it become warm and eventually burn - as motor relay on your board, you should check it), but maybe you should look for a maker place in your area that would help you to handle this things and future changes on your printer.

Hi Athanaus,
My printer is well calibrated. I made two equal pieces in different quality and I used the one that best fit. I checked that the gear moved freely and did so. I even sanded it lightly so it had more space. Although the printers are the same, they may differ slightly in the measurements of, for example, the toothed gearing of the extruder motor. But with the vibrations of the normal operation of the printer it had to move slightly and that caused it to get stuck. I would like to see a video of the piece being mounted and that you indicate which adjustments are necessary for its correct functioning. The idea and the design seem right to me but there is a lack of advice on its adjustment.

Hi again,
As I printed this part once (PLA) and it still working well after hundreds printing hours, I don't have good pictures of this : it first was a prototype, I send the design here after. But I will try to find one, I must had took one or two.
Regarding your issue, I will add an advice redirecting to this thread, for information.
Maybe filament quality as something to deal with it. I used Real Filament from RepRapworld.com.

Edit: No picture taken : I will shoot some next time I'll unmount the printer head. Here is 2 fresh pictures of the mounted feeder.

Any chance we can get some photos of this? I'd love to see it in action

Just see your post. As parts are behind cooler, it's hard to see "in action"...
It works on very same way that tje original one, I just add a stretch guide for filament so it doesn't blend (especially useful for flexible one). That's all folks ;-).
You have to take care that all holes are well fit and that evrything move freely...