3D Print Spool Holder Filament Support

by alexrosa Feb 17, 2017
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When you say bolt length from where are you measuring? From the bed in the Z direction. So the end cone is included?

Hi Project2501, this length is just the thread. The cone has 28mm in Z direction, so total print lenght in z axis is = 28+thread length (45/65/85)

Thanks. Now I can check to see if it fits the provided stand.

Since I buy PLA that is cheap on Ebay i can not tell how big the spool center hole will be so i printed holder at 125% and 68mm. Holds all spools.

Great work! Works very well with Anet and Kaisertech rolls.

works good. i bigger version would be nice for sunlu filament. they have a hole with 70mm diameter.

Love this Spool holder!
no bearings to buy, and you gave the two most common lengths.
Short length works perfect with my Anet A8 and a spool of amz3d filament ( 1kg )

Hi ebooz, glad you like it!

I have just received a new Prusa i# and this was a great idea, however when I printed it, the design is about 2cm to short on the lenth of the bold for the support of the Prusa Silver PLA.

Do you think you could publish one that is a little longer?

Appreciative of the work BTW. :-)

Yes I can make the modification, but can you send all the support dimensions here please ?

Only requires another 2.5cm, or 1 Inch longer on the "bolt". That will cover the larger width spool that I have from Prusa.

Given this, it should basically cover all that I have currently seen. :-)


Bolt with 85mm thread added.

Thanks. Printing out now. :-)

I think I will put a pack together for replacement of the basic spool holder from Prusa. If you don't mind, would like to reference this content in that grouping. You Ok with that?

Great! Nice and clean job. My geeetech i3 say Thank you! ;-)

Just the job. Great. Works well with my Anet A8 with either 500g or 1Kg roll of filament.
Thanks for the design.

printed! worked good, although slic3r reversed the threads on the bolt, but not the nut. i realized part way through printing the nut, and simply mirrored and reprinted the nut. this was my second print, and they fit perfectly!

I printed these and they only screw together about 1 turn before binding. Does it make sense to re-make the "nut" and upscale it 2 or 3 percent? These are my first 3D printed screw threads and I don't really know how to troubleshoot issues with the fit.

Thanks for the designs. I like them.

What print settings are you using ? Upscale the nut will not act like you need, because this will change the thread pitch and will cause a lot more problem. But I can make the space between thread and nut a litle bit bigger. Just make shure you print without support, because this will introduce some artefacts in thread that can be an issue.

Thanks for the reply. I don't recall my settings but I found that with some effort I was able to get them loosened up nicely just by twisting one against the other. After retracting the "bolt", I wiped off some PLA dust and screwed it on again. Now it goes on easily but fits well. I can spin the "nut" on with one finger as you do in the video. Thanks for a great design.

You're welcome! I'm glad that the design worked for you. :-)

thanks, just what i was looking for. doesn't need bearings and fits my hatchbox rolls

Hey, nice to hear it worked out that well for you :)