Laptop / Tablet Stand

by 300dpi Apr 18, 2012
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I had a couple of problems cutting this. Initially I did a test run on a piece of scrap 3.2mm MDF. It was a tight fit, but could be assembled. However, the parts seemed way too small to hold a laptop (longest strut was only 185mm, and notches in the support was 2.6mm).
I decided to try and cut it in 4mm MDF, and simply scaled everything by 154% (factor from 2.6mm notch to desired 4mm notch). I did not adjust for kerf or anything, and this one came out good. One of the supports did not fit, however, so I recut the one that did. The longest struts are sticking out maybe 15-20mm on the back of my 13" laptop, but works fine.

Do jou have .Stl for 3d Printing?

change the front notch a bit, making it more steep so the macbook has a better grip.
also i might derive it hold two 120mm fans and have a DIY laptop cooler.. under-power the fans and have a silent and cheap cooler.