Compact planetary gearbox

by Trigubovich Feb 16, 2017
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Are steps visible on the prints? Or gear reduction solves the issue? How about gear backlash?

hi great design. i tried to make the v5 but my screws are not the right length for it. they are too long
so im currently making the v2, i will be making 4 of them, (X Y and both Z's will be getting them.

for the v2 'm using 16mm m3 button head screws and nylock nuts

however as i built one of the v2's (and v5s) i noticed the nuts are really REALLY loose. and will freely turn in the slot i made a file to fix the issue and they wound up a slightly tight so i pressfitted them with a long (50mm long) m3 screw to hold it in place, then compressed them into the slot with pair of channel lock pliers, resulting is a very satisfying snap. and a perfectly tight nut

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

I would not recommend you to do the version V2
The wave form of the tooth did not work well for me
Try to scale V5 along the Z axis for your bolt length

I would recommend that you use this model

Sun gear Satellites Carrier.stl
Sun gear.stl


Crenellated ring V4.stl
Crenellated ring V3.stl
Bearing cap.stl

this works great on my 3 color printer

Planetary gearbox for bowden extruder

I love the compact design of this gearbox, but its not quite what i am after. The video shows your output shaft wiggling all over the place that does not invoke confidence of using this to gear down for a x or y axis or a extruder. Another thing that would be amazing in a update of the design in the gears to change to a Herringbone or helical design. That would make the design of the gears with angled teeth engage more gradually than spur gear teeth, causing them to run more smoothly and quietly.

I exactly need this but in the nema 23 format... Do you have it? would you share the cad file?

I would gladly share, but
I did not need to do this for format 23
so I do not have it (

what different v1 v2 v5?? ratio?

Is there a list anywhere of what size M3 bolts are needed for this?

it depends on what version you plan on and if you use a nylock nut or not.
i keep a variety of sizes on hand, and they fit most projects, if i need a different size i wait until i make a order (i order from albany county fasteners usually once every few months)

would it be possible to climb to nema 34?

Fantastic design and engineering. Currently printing a v5.sep and is going flawless. Very solid work. Thanks.

Well done! I like it very much...

just tried the v5 now. How much clearance should be there? it feels pretty loose and the gaps here are probably more than 0.5mm and does not really feel tight at all. Otherwise it is a pretty great model :)

At such parameters it is rather dense,
no clearances.

nozzle 0.4 mm
layer height 0.25 mm
Shell Thickness 0.8 mm
slicer - cura

Very pretty! Easy printed. But... How to assemble it? ;)))

What you think how much torque it can handle before failing?

Good question

I think that torque this gearbox will be at least 12kg/sm

I will have to test
I myself am very interested

It easily holds 15kg/cm. I've tested mine using a F.A.T. wrench. (PLA+, 90% infill). I will try to break it to discover how much it can handle. I will also repeat the tests using Nylon12. Thank's for the design.

Thanks for the tests.
if you make a video, share it?

The kg/sm units confuse me, could you write the full name of the units and I will convert it with the


I have a hard time understanding everything except the Newtown meters :)

"Approximately 12 Нcm or 0,12 Hm"

Can you please spell out full name of the units? This is really confusing me.

Comments deleted.

Do you have to pack the gears with grease or do they run dry?

Grease for gear is not required

Hi, i have printed this, but i am having problems with smoothness of moving this. Did you used some cycloidal gears or is it just something experimental?

Hi, thanks for the question.
Try using - v1, it has standard gears
I think that it will be necessary to replace the cycloidal gears with standard ones

Beautiful design! How much backlash does it have?

It's pretty tight, there's no backlash in my model.
This will depend on the width of the print layer of your slicer settings

Very nice, can you tell me the ratio?

gear ratio is 4:1