Super Simple Impeach TRUMP

by Fredbartels Feb 16, 2017
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Keep up the good work! No need to focus on the hate.

I'm glad to see some intelligent people in the comments.

Why do you have to push your stupid political agenda on a 3D PRINTING WEBSITE?! What is wrong with you?

Go post stupid images on some libtard facebook group. Leave politics out of the 3d printing community. Delete this like the emails we both know about.

110% Right. This guy calls himself an "educator"? He is nothing more than another libtard preacher.

All you need now is a reason to impeach.

Ignorance must be bliss... Learn something about law and other important stuff...

Excellent work. Keep em coming!

Fred Bartels the bitter leftist with more "printable" propaganda.... Delete this Fred, I know you only believe in the first amendment for the left.....

Let him Be.. I love seeing his lack of knowledge on the Constitution. Impeachment is for unlawful acts.. Trump is only enforcing the laws that this great land has already approved by the voting public. What your doing is showing that you have no idea how/or what my (apparently not yours) countries laws work/or are.

8 Year Active Duty US Army Vet. ohh rah!
-=Pat (Pergo)

Thanks for your service Pat!

The creativity level on these anti-Trump designs are considerably low. Can he do something more than text?

Meh let him print. He has the right. Now to make "make America great again" knuckles... jk.

But seriously if you want to do signs like this in the future with less propaganda-esque wording I would suggest hollowing out the bottom and putting in supports. That way it takes less filament, adds mounting points to hang it and you can add LEDs to make them light up.