Free Spitfire 3D printed RC plane

by ELECTRONOOBS Feb 19, 2017
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Please modify this by adding proper landing gear. That would make this plane complete.

I see a lot of comments that say this won't fly. I watched a ton of videos on youtube with this plane roaring. odd.
Anyway I just printed this out on my Cr10-S400. Looks great. But I need a prop and would like to add some landing gear. anyone have some files for that? Also I cant fine the specs for the motor servos ect… Any help would be great!

it fly but damn its havy and fast rely not easy to fly but real best whit the good power train its a brick

After reading several comments I have come across a few people saying this doesn't fly. I also noticed most of those comments were last year, so I was curious if the issue had been fixed or if I should save my money on this project. I think it's an awesome design and I have seen other spitfires flying on youtube but none of them have links to an STL, and the build guides don't have flying videos. I just want to try and find a plane that works before I dive into a project only to be heartbroken when it doesn't work.

it's not flying save you money go For GASB two search on the website very good free STL file and tested several videos on YouTube.

It is kind of heavy for the size it has. Can't tell for sure that it will fly. Nobody test it sorry!

Ok, thanks. I think I may try the one from the 3dprint lab because that one seems to work throughout several videos

It's shame, that you are stealing the design... Your channel is not that bad, but giving no credits to the author is a big SHAME! Booooo!
You should collaborate, not steal...
Here is the original:
All the parts are split as they should, with additional info on print.

3D Printable RC Spitfire (Original)

it's a remix, you kek, so he is doing everything correctly

remixes show on the page "remixed from" this one does not.

file is 1 part. the model is to heavy to fly both the creators/posters should be ashamed! DO NOT TRY TO PRINT THIS!!!!!!!!!

guys, i wasted my filament for this. wont fly. too heavy at the publishers guide. can use it to put it on shelf

i cant find the file with the parts cut into smaller parts?tow of the parts are too large for my print bed, can you email the file?

Did you manage to fly it?

I just wonder the logic of giving 2 .STL 's - but mostly why you place the cockpit on fresh air and needing a lot of support material.
Why not simply place each of the three parts on their own .STL
I am not looking at these to make a flying model - mainly because I dont know how to slice it up to fit smaller parts on the A8 220 x 220 hotbed!
I also dont know how - if there is a way... to cut out the floating cockpit part or place it lower down on the hotbed..which has space to fit it!
In Cura 2.7 it will fit the hotbed at 37%

What size does the printbed to have?

scale it to suit your hotbed size. In Cura I make it around 37%

right now I'm not sure but I guess the biggest part is around 15cm. I've used the Anet A8 which has 21 by 21 bed.

Damm. 5cm to large.

what layer hight and shell


This is great and I am happy that your sharing my design on Thingiverse.

But it would be nice to get credit on something that I did :) and a link to the original design as this isn't your work.

Original design:

Did you get it to fly? I printed your version and want to know what motor to get to have enough thrust to get it off the ground. Thanks for your help.

I wish I'd found the original version before this one.


How much does this thing weigh? I've downloaded the files, and they look rather thick for such a small plane. Does it fly well?

I do love the details though, and i think it's the best spitfire model on this website with the panellines and all.
Any chance you could make a scale model in say 1/32 or 1/48 scale that is solid? so no shelled parts for easy scaling. and without the features for RC stuff?

I would love a good 3d printable spitfire model kit with good detail, and i think this might just be able to be it


I'm up to 420gm so far, I really doubt that it's going to fly.

Way too heavy. Would most likely work if you scale it up alot.

Me gustaría saber cual es la configuración que debe tener la impresora para imprimir bien por ejemplo la altura de capa, densidad de relleno y de soporte. Gracias!

Hola, me he descargado este modelo, pero solo me aparecen 2 archivos stl. uno donde esta ensamblado por completo el avión y otro de la nariz. ¿El cuerpo del avión se debe imprimir así?

No. Se tiene que imprimir pieza por pieza. El avión completo es solo un ejemplo. En el summary de este "thing" están los links para la descarga de todas las piezas. Lo hago de esta manera para que también visites mi página.

En la descripción de este vídeo (link abajo) vas a encontrar el link de descarga hacia mi página y también como imprimir y construir el avión completo.

Ver enlace : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb9wcGTV51w&t=1s


Did you manage to fly it?

its a wall hanger and this guy acts like he designed the plane but didnt it was someone elses desighn ,,but yea its a total dud you cant fly a rock