Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Wanhao Duplicator 6 blower/fan duct (better cooling)

by Antalus, published

Wanhao Duplicator 6 blower/fan duct (better cooling) by Antalus Feb 17, 2017


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Have made this cooler for the Duplicator 6. This cooler works with a so-called turbo cooler and ensures that the model is properly cooled. Is currently still in testing, soon pictures of the model printed on the Wanhao Duplicator 6 3D printer!

v3 version (15-04-2017)

  • Uploaded a beta version of the new v3 duct (STEP file). Note that this is not finished yet, and maybe not even fit (good)!

New v3 version?

  • Need YOUR feedback (post it by the comments) to make the new v3 fanduct!

v2.1 version

  • Added a 'peek' hole, so you can see the nozzle
  • Make the blow holes bigger, for more airflow
  • Added some room on the top, for the cooler cable
  • Some improvements for easyer print (less big overhangs)
  • Added some 'core' files!

v2 version

  • Easy printing!
  • Goes all the way around the nozzle
  • Maximum 45 degrees overhangs
  • Easily printed nozzles (from building board)
  • Thick walls (4x2 lines of 0.40)

For now it's only fit's a 50mm turbofan from ebm papst (http://nl.farnell.com/ebm-papst/rlf35-8-14n/blower-radial-51mm-24vdc/dp/1293483?aa=true&vw&categoryId=700000005518&eq=N%3D203782%2B2021%26amp%3BNs%3DP_STORE_MARKETING_RANK_FARNELL_NL%257c0%257c%257cP_MAN_PART_NUM%257c0%26amp%3BNtpc%3D1%26amp%3BNtpr%3D1&searchView=table&iscrfnonsku=false). Will work on other versions!

'uncleskippy' hass make a remix for a 40x40x20mm fan! You can find the STL here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2204314

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Only use support for onder the big bridge (see Simplify3D screenshot). This design is fully optimized for a 0.40 nozzle.


Remove the support

You can remove the support easily. Just use 20/25% and take it all out with a gripper.

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I'm assuming it works with the monoprice maker ultimate

I do think so, but don't know for sure! Please post the make if you print it, will be very nice to see for others!

I just made one for my Monoprice Ultimate, it fits very well. The Monoprice is identical beside the logos

Good! You just came before me ...
You can make a change that does not bring any cooling performance down.
Put the 50mm Turbofan behind in the vertical with the fan part on the front.
By placing it at the front the turbofan hole would also serve to fix the extruder cables even better.
If you did not understand how to send the drawing.
By making this change I'm sure it will become the best cooling kit done and what's important does not impact on the head space movement and it's also nice to see.
My only advice is because I was doing it as well as the other pieces I did then in time I got locked and I managed to do just a few pieces.

Hi. Must I take the old fan, Duct and the Spacers off to fit this shroud? or leave the spacers on with this?

Made a new remix version with air intake for this blower on the left. That will be the version I will use for a while.

Hi, I think it will be very nice from You if You will make a V3 with normal 50 blower not only papst. Thanks

I think a will make that to, but will upload al the core files from the v3, so you can make it your own. You have a 3D printer, so your smart :) You can do that to, just like me. Just try it with 123design, download the .stp files and you can drag and ajust all you want. Goodluck and a big thanks for the feedback!

Do you know if it's working with the Micro Swiss MK11 replacement nozzle and cooling block ? I don't why it shouldn't but I prefer asking :)
Also I have this radial fan laying on a shelf http://www.banggood.com/3D-Printer-12V-DC-50mm-Blow-Radial-Cooling-Fan-p-980653.html?rmmds=myorder
very cheap and looks like it has similar dimensions as yours. Will update if it fits your design

Yes, i have the Micro Swiss MK11 to, it will fit both Micro Swiss MK11 and the stock nozzle. Just that you know, there is coming a v3 version. But hell, we have a 3D printer... so we just print a new one when we wanted :)

Will upload the v3 core files to (step and more), so you can easy ajust like you wanted!

thanks, printing it right now !

Nice! Hope to see your make and remix here :)

For the record, i don't have the boot anymore. It got broken! But it's working very good without the boot. Just don't set the fan from zero to max for the first layers (i have 30% for second layer, 60% for the thirt layers and 80% for the rest after that)

ruh roh. just found a slight problem. if you try to print to the right edge of your bed, the fan module will crush into the plexiglass. i'm using a smaller fan so i can get away with putting this into blender again and compressing the right side. those of you using the full 40 or 50mm sized fans, will want to change your bed size so you don't accidentally start trying to print too far over.

Made a remix that fits within the printer and does restrict print dimensions by moving the blower to the left.

Your are right, hope to make some better fanduct soon. Have some new ideas i can check out to get it all better. Will upload the new design if it's all done. For now this fanduct seems to work's very well for me and others, hope it will do it for you to. Big thanks for the feedback, that will be used for the new design!

up until this point it's been great! i'm rethinking how to position the fan so it'll fit a full bed print job. perhaps pulling it forward ~7mm, rotate it to fit alongside the extruder body, and up enough to clear the duct ring. i've got it started in blender now.

Finally got the fan and must say it is worth it. I tried all the designs here using the smaller cheaper blowers with fairly mediocre results. They do not have the pressure to be of much use to me. Suggestions: I wish there would be more clearance from the print bed it is only 2mm. Rounded bottom corners would also help prevent snagging on the print. Also the nozzles are too close to the heat block sliding them off towards the left and right side would help. My silicone boot touches them. But I can run this on 100% without getting a heater error thanks to the boot. Congrats on this design for sure.

The fanduct seems to work good for the most of us, but it hass it's problems. I will check for a new duct soon. Will start all over, going to check the airflow and will check all the problems you and others hass posted here. Big thanks for the feedback!

I made a remix by moving the blower to the left. All fits perfectly within the printer and bed dimensions now.

Nice work! There will be a v3 soon, hope to get It all betere and will test the airflow for that. Will also upload the core files, so you all can make you own ajustments. I'm no expert, i'm sure you all can do this work to and together we will make the best fan ever :) Big thank for the remix and post, and just let me know of you have any good ideas!

Yup it is all about collaboration. I also made a remix with more clearance and new nozzles but the nozzles became very soft. Increasing the circle size may help. Put it up in case it is helpful.

Hello, When you have time can you adjust this design to fit this fan?


Will do for the next (v3) version!

Thank you, that's the only fan of remotely the right dimensions I can get a hold of locally.

You can also order some on https://nl.aliexpress.com/. Very cheap, and good in most cases :)

Going to make a hole new fanduct, and there will be more versions for the other fans. You can also download 123design, take the .stp file and make it your own. Seems a nice first project to get 3D design skills, it's not that hard to learn yourself and you can make fun things with it later, just like this fanduct, i just wanted one for myself, but it seem to make other poeple happy to. I make a lot of stuff i don't share :)

Goodluck, and i will update this page if the new model is done!

The price isn;t the concern but South African post office service is very bad so probably will never see it

I like the compact design. The Pabst blower seems superb but at $45 out of my range for testing a new fan duct. 55dBA isn't exactly silent. 4.3 W at 24 Volt would mean 0.18 A. I am I getting error messages when I exceed on 0.1 A on that fan output. Can only use two fans rated at 0.1A at 50% max. This construction would obscure the cut through whole for the cooling block fan. I guess that was put in to to get more air also to the cooling fan below. However blocking this may effect the heat dispersion from the cooling block and heat up the feeding mechanism? I guess the dimensions are fine if you have a silicon boot around the heat block but the nozzles will surely melt if you don't? Appreciate the different file formats included for sure. Cheers

I will make one for other fans to, but this is just working that good. I can run the fan on 100%, seems to work very good here. I find him very silent, not on 100%, but you don't need that. I run it on 70/80%, it's working very good and it's silant to (for a turbo fan).

This construction would NOT obscure the cut through whole for the cooling block fan. That is just not needed anymore. The fan on the top just cools the metal below. The cut through whole is nothing more than a weak addition from the makers. The got a lot of people complain about the (very) bad stock cooling fan (the below on, for the filament). Their explanation was that it could give a little more air flow to the fan below, that's all. So it will not effect the heat dispersion from the cooling block and the heat up the feeding mechanism, it will be the same as on the stock setup.

I don't have a silicon boot anymore, and it's working very nice. I use Formfutura ABS, that can take about 85 degrees. I used white, so i will see it when it's burning, but is just don't. Even when the fan is not active. I tested this on 210 degrees for about 30 minutes.

I also tested some more. If i put the fan full on (and that's give a LOT of air), the max tempature drop i about 4 degrees. Seems very good to me, and i'm working a lot with the duct on the moment. Also uploaded a movie where it is making a bridge very fast (and nice!): https://www.facebook.com/groups/470637449795481/permalink/611320639060494/

Also working on the airflow, but that's very complex to get right. Will do some adjustments these day's, will focus on the nozzle's, airflow, other coolers and a container in order to prevent the (minimal) sagging.

Thanks of the detailed information. I believe you after testing other designs with smaller blowers, all give only minimal airflow. I will give this a try. what material was used for the bridging demo? Cheers

PLA black. But i need to test more, the next big think will be a perfect ariflow. Some test shows more air on the right and that gives some lesser results on some overhangs.

One suggestion, move the nozzles so they have a bit more clearance from the hotend. Right now they are pretty close no matter how i adjust the block. If they were spread somewhat less equally (ie pairs slightly closer together with a wider open space) I'd be more confident this isn't going to melt down when the fan isn't active.

I tested this. I turn the block a little and run it at 210 degrees for about 30 minutes. I used ABS that can take about 85 degrees and in white. It don't show any burn or melt, so i think it will be all good. I you want to do it extra nice, just add some kapton tape to the nozzle's. I don't think it is needed (i don't used it on the moment), but i do it on all fanducts, it help a little, and it just looks nice :-)

Will make some modification soon, but i don't know i will do the nozzles. You don't want them to far from the hotend, it will just work not ass nice, you don't want to cool the model, but the filament just below the nozzle. Will post some results soon, about nozzle temperature stability, airflow simulation and other (turbo) coolers.

Good idea with the kapton tape, I'm printing in PETG, at 240C, so I'm obviously concerned. With the block turned, only one nozzle (back left when looking at it from above) is uncomfortably close -- all the others are fine. I'll continue to follow your efforts, I will say this cooler works better than the one I'd been using prior (From Aero3d).

Is it possible to include the SLDPart file for this? I would be interested in throwing into solidworks.

The "duplicator_6_cooling_v2.1.stp" will work very good in SolidWorks :-)

Uploaded version 2.1:
-Added a 'peek' hole, so you can see the nozzle
-Make the blow holes bigger, for more airflow
-Added some room on the top, for the cooler cable
-Some improvements for easyer print (less big overhangs)

Also added some 'core' files!

Will make one for that cooler to, but don't know when yet. I also don't know if this is the final design, but i uploaded the 'core' files, so if you want you can adept it to your own needs!

Got any pics of it on the machine?

Added 3 images, seems to fit good and it's very strong!

v2 version is now online and working!

Dot not use this design yet, it's won't fit correct, wil soon upload the v2 version!