SPANNERHANDS Spool System Wall Mounted Spool Holder & Dust Cover

by SpannerHands, published

SPANNERHANDS Spool System Wall Mounted Spool Holder & Dust Cover by SpannerHands Feb 18, 2017
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A completely enclosed spool holder, with a desiccant sachet pocket.
Designed to fit Fillamentum spools.

New Small Volume Print Option!

Follow me on twitter for updates.
@SpannerHands3D https://twitter.com/SpannerHands3D

Common parts that fit all sizes:

Parts List: v2 & v3
2 x id 8mm od 22mm (608) bearings
12 x M3 10mm + Nuts (nuts optional)
1 x M8 80mm threaded rod + Nuts (nuts optional)
1 x Threaded Bowden Coupling (optional but recommended)
1 x Length PTFE Bowden Tubing (optional but recommended)

Parts List: v4 & v5 (For Print beds smaller than 250 x 200 x 200)
2 x id 8mm od 22mm (608) bearings
22 x M3 10mm + Nuts (nuts optional)
1 x M8 80mm threaded rod + Nuts (nuts optional)
1 x Threaded Bowden Coupling (optional but recommended)
1 x Length PTFE Bowden Tubing (optional but recommended)
1 x Suitable Glue

Compatible spools: v2 & v4
Standard Version OD 200mm (Max Width 55mm)

Compatible spools: v3 & v5
1kg Spool Version OD 200mm (Max Width 90mm)

If you are unable to print the flexible components they are available from:-

Print Settings

Printer Brand:



Printrbot Plus






200-400 Microns




Filament used in example images:
Fillamentum Vertigo Grey PLA
Fillamentum Metallic Grey PLA
Fillamentum Metallic Grey Flexfill 92A (FLEX_SEAL_v2_0.stl)
Fillamentum Metallic Grey Flexfill 98A (SEMI_FLEX_CLASP_v2_0.stl)

Material Considerations:
FLEX_SEAL(use Flexible filament with hardness 92 ShA)
Print with low infill. 10%
SEMI_FLEX_CLASP (use semi-flexible filament with hardness 98 ShA)
Print with high infill. 80%



Updates to design

Added Small Volume Print Option for 750g & 1kg Spools
Added Fusion 360 File for spool core so you can customise size.
18/03/2017 - Added new files for 1kg spools Prusa style

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Thank's a lot


It's a great box.

Could you deign a 52mm spool for 1kg Box

That would be perfekt

Thank's a lot


Done : )

this is tremendous beautiful design, if i had to vote for it, this is thingiverse best. Awesome and warmest regards for sharing.

Thanks :)

Do any of these fit matchbox spools?

2 things that would be awesome- dual spool holders and a DIN rail mount

If you can give me the info on the DIN rail I can make it so...

briliant design, one of the best on thingiverse

Thanks :)

May 16, 2017 - Modified May 16, 2017

It would be pretty nice if it had a window in the top that you could insert a piece of plexiglass. Then you'd be able to see how much filament was left on your roll without having to open the case.

This is something I have been thinking about, not yet worked out the best way to do this...

Tremendous Design! Do you mind to share the solidworks files?

Its made on Fusion 360... Once I have remade the file I will post it, currently because of all the design modification its a complete mess...

Ingenious,very well thought out.:-)

May 9, 2017 - Modified May 9, 2017

awesome design!!!
Please can you create or have you created a version to fit on to smaller build area yet - 200/200/180 mm and that can fit the 1 kg wanhoa spool with an outer diameter of 200mm, an inner(hub) diameter of 32mm and with a width of 60mm.
Is it posable to interlock the holders side by side to hold multiple holder together.

New small built option is now available... Still looking at a interlocking solution that does not require a complete re-design... I put the file up for the spool core so you can modify it to fit...

will this work with esun spools?

Are you able to make longer ones / wider? That can fit 2-4 spools at a time? That would be neat.

This is already at the max build volume for most printers, so not really practical sorry...

First of all, it looks like a quality printjob on those large parts.
What is that dark grey filament you printed them in? where did you get that?
I like how the surface of the dark grey parts is broken up by the lighter colored particles, kind of masking any imperfections i'd imagine.
it also makes it look like a professional prototype part made on a more expensive machine, I'd love to make one of these in that color filament.

PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"

got it!

Really like this design and set up- however I don't have a printer big enough to print one! Even the Prusa MK2 wont make it :(. Who wants to volunteer to make a good friend one? I'll pay a reasonable price of course!

Hi Athruz

Glad you like it, FYI you can print it on a Prusa MK2 as as that's what I do it does fit on the bed... I know as that's what I print mine on...

Hey SpannerHands,

what a great design! We will post our prints in some days ;)
Can you release a spool core modification for our spools? Just need to change the diameter to 52 mm (spool width 55 mm). All other parts fit perfectly!

I have added a file for you ;)

Comments deleted.

Thanks :)

Will be doing updates over the weekend so will upload that for you...

this is to freaking cool and i just have to make this good work man

love it! extremely cool and smart design!

Hi, this is really a good job!
I've recently bought an UM3 Extended and I'd like printing one of these to keep the PVA spool dry, with silica crystals. Currently UM sells only 350gr spools (maybe 700 again in the future), so... would your design fit?
Many many thanks!

Is the Flexfill a requirement or can you print without that?

The clasp you can technically get away with but the seal obviously needs to be flexible..

Very cool!
High texture!

Can you make a 54mm core for the 1Kg version so it can be used with hatchbox 1Kg spools?

New File added...

Any plans to make a version that can be printed on Ultimaker printers? Meaning smaller parts (split into more parts)?

A shame you have set i as no derivates.

I am working on that solution currently, new thing inbound soon...

The first thing I did was run out and buy all the parts/filament for this build.

I was so dumb not to check the dimensions first. I can't wait for the smaller chunks build. I bet you'll get a TON of downloads as soon as this can be printed on smaller (200x200) beds.

Thank you for all your hard work on this!

Let me know when that comes around!

Sounds good. Found your first model which is rather nice as well. Super good to test different materials for different segments, heh :)

Why make it "no derivates"? You can make it not commercial if it is because you sell it, but the no derivates is just bad in my world :)

2 days ago - Modified 2 days ago
Celcius1 - in reply to dintid

I agree with dintid, the "No Derivatives" option is a bad move mate, so to be a typical Aussie I'm gonna give you the middle finger, and remix it regardless!

Have fun looking at my changes! this called karma mate, get used to it!

P.S. I hate control freaks with a passion!

Thingiverse is just going to remove it you know.

I am just a control freek and don't want people playing with my toys... ;p
I am always more than happy to make requested modifications, that way I know that it doesn't impact on the design & functionality and keeps it printable.

Ok. I would love to have a model that firstly can be printed on Ultimaker 2 machines.. I can't do that now.
Secondly I would like some custom sizes. Most noteable for the small (5" spool) but comparably wide Taulman Nylon rolls:
http://taulman3d.com/910-features.html - http://taulman3d.com/alloy-910-spec.html

I just read they change from 5" to normal 8" rolls, but I still need a box for small rolls. I also have printed custom filament rolls for samples and such.. which would be nice :)
Right now I'm using my own Ultra Flat Filamentholders, but the Nylon needs to be a bit more isolated:

Ultra Flat Filamentholder
by dintid

Brilliant design!!!
Do you mind to make iteration for Taulman's Nylon spool?!
Measured my Nylon Bridge 1.75mm spool and diameter is 124mm, spool width 77mm and inner diameter where spool holder goes - 18mm.
Also I'd suggest to make little deeper bottom bit so you can fill it with some silica crystals to keep Nylon dry.
Thanks you.

Thanks for the dimensional information...

Working on that version for you, should have it updated soon...

Hi SpannerHands

Your Spool Holder isperfect in every way!. Im finishing my Wilson II and i would LOVE if you could design a mount to use it with 2020 aluminium profile. I dont do it myself because i have no idea on 3d modelling.

Greetings from Argentina!

New File Added...

Hi Thanks,

Working on that for you, will update soon..

Awesome design and prints man!

Hats off no doubt.

I will leave some feedback when I get around to printing one!

Awesome, cant wait to see your Make...

Has anyone modified this to work with Hatchbox spools?

I would like to know the same.

Currently, is this too small or too big for Hatchbox? If it's too big I can live with that.

Too small

What size thread for the Bowden Coupler, M6, M10?
Incredible work!

Thanks, you will be needing a M10 Bowden Coupler...

Mar 25, 2017 - Modified Mar 25, 2017

The 608 bearings are OD 22mm but the hole in the spool is only 20mm on the 1kg version. I fixed it if you want it send me a pm and i can email it.

Thanks Rocky,

Don't know what happened there, fixed it and uploaded new file...

Now that you can't see how much filament is left, might want to implement some kind of built-in scale so you know full/empty weights.

or perhaps a hole in one of the sides of one off the halves so you can glue a clear plasic piece in place to see how much is left (especially on clear spools)

Spannerhands, could you make a version of the spool holder with this feature?

Nice. Any plans for a version that fits Taulman's odd shaped Nylon spools?

If you can give the the dimensions of the spool, I will see what i can do...

Rrealy nice design ,
just wondering how filament is used on this spool holder

Main Parts Base + Lid 400g
Other Parts 100g
Semi Flex Clasp 15g
Flex Seal 10g

May I have permission modify this model to hold 1kg filament spools, for my own private use only? I need a airtight spool holder for PVA.

Hi, I will save you the trouble... Already have one ready to go, will be up over the weekend, designed for the Spools Prusa sells...

Right on and much appreciated.

1kg Spool option files now updated : - )

Mar 18, 2017 - Modified Mar 18, 2017
Zorrobyte - in reply to SpannerHands

You rock! Much appreciated. I'm going to end up printing a whole mess of these for all of my commonly used filaments!

Some feedback, not sure how busy your business is but it may help to expand a bit on your website's "Our Solutions" page. Show some of your designs, photos of the print farm and so on!

No Worries, yea thanks for the feedback, but like most things I am so busy its hard to find time for the little things, but you have reminded me to get that done... so thanks...

Just Wow..

you should make them so they can interlock together side by side

Thanks a good idea, will work on that...

Or if you didn't want to add little semicircles on tbe bottom halves of the unit. What you could do is make a foot that you can print out as many as you want and they interlock then you just seat the unit into them. Just an idea. Then it dont change the nice sleek appearance. :)

Could you make this so it could be printed on a printer with a smaller build volume like you did the storage container?

You're clearly very talented at this, this is an extremely professional design.

I am making one right now for the 1/2Kg 3mm Spool, Still waiting for my Flexystruder to arrive so I can print out the lock and the seal. At the time I have to create my own filamentum core, all of mine is different than yours. So far, so good, will post photo soon. Thanks.

Have to agree with @thePartyPlatypus' sentiment -- irrespective of the design, and that looks to be great, your colour scheme with Vertigo Grey and Metallic Grey looks amazing -- both workmanlike and snazzy at one and the same time.

What filament did you use? Looks snazzy. The design is great but I'm curious what it's made out of. Can you list which flexible filaments you used for the two flexible parts?

Fillamentum Vertigo Grey PLA
Fillamentum Metallic Grey PLA
Fillamentum Metallic Grey Flexfill 92A (FLEX_SEAL_v2_0.stl)
Fillamentum Metallic Grey Flexfill 98A (SEMI_FLEX_CLASP_v2_0.stl)

What width spools?
You only put OD and ID size.

Ha Sorry, Max Width on this version is 55mm