NA/NB Miata Telescoping A/C Vent

by vinnyvecchio Feb 18, 2017
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Very nice!

My only concern is the shell model is slightly tilted and finding 'true flat' is a chore.

I feel like I may have had an issue similar to this at one point, but I'm not sure why. When I modelled these in Solidworks a while back, everything was obviously perpendicular/parallel to all planes. I imagine something may have glitched in the models, but I can't confirm because my Solidworks subscription from college ran out some time ago.

Hey there! I'm considering making this for my 2001 Miata - NB. How is yours holding up? Can I print as is with the files in the current state?

Mine are holding up just fine, no issues. I recommend adding some felt/velcro to prevent drooping but the vents themselves are still working just fine. Files should work in the current state


Have you fixed the design? I'm really interested to remix it for sim racing purpose and this thing is really brilliant in my opinion!

It's possible to share your project with us?

Thanks in advance

Sorry I took the files down before - they are back up. I never got a chance to fine-tune everything. My Solidworks trial expired, and I cannot edit them at work since my company uses an older version of Solidworks than the version I used to design these. The files still work perfectly fine - I mostly just wanted to increase the overall size to stop the eyeball from drooping due to vibrations.

Thanks a lot Vinny!

Did you make your final version? It's July now my miata is waiting :P

Just edited the post and files. The images aren't updated, though, so keep that in mind since it does not show the double - linkage fix.


What year is your mazda? mine is 2003... red with black interior just like your picture!

I am interested in printing this, but how do you remove the factory vent and install this in its place? My dash is in really nice shape, i don't want to tear anything up... so curious how it is done before i start printing.

very cool idea.

I've got myself an '04 actually!

I've only actually done the vent in the picture (the filament I want to use has been out of stock for a while). to do this one, I took off the top left defrost vent to gain access to the air vent, that way I could pinch the sides with two screwdrivrs to remove the vent without scratching it or gripping from the front. It made the process pretty easy, but I don't really know how I'm going to do the center ones quite yet.

Brilliant !
I wonder if you could print the ball and trim rings in one piece, and leave an air gap. Sort of like the "ball bearing" designs out there, just pop it loose once done.

Now to order some more ABS.


I'm sure it could be done, I wasn't interested in recreating the rings, which is why I never modelled them. I also think that prints might break when snapping them in, because the ones on my Miata take an insane amount of force to click back in.

Plus, anyone who wants to add them to this has the sldprt files to play with!

Very nice! A long-awaited solution to the terrible stock ones! Could you do the trim rings too?

Thanks for the design!

I would totally try the trim rings, but I'm concerned that the time will be wasted. Mainly because they undergo a lot of force (at least mine do) when you clip them back in, I imagine that layer adhesion would cause some issues and it would probably break. I may try to make them in the future as I print the remaining 3 vents that I have, though!

Look into petg, I have had amazing layer bonding with that type of plastic.The only down side is you have to be very careful with supports as PETG loves to stick to its self.