Ergonomic Grip For Ps-Vita (PCH-1000)

by Suou Mar 4, 2017
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Can you make the grip pad a little smaller ? Like this perhaps : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2780426
You're Design is really awesome but in the case you need the rear touch pad it is almost impossible to reach it.
even if you have big hands. Of course i will post every make here.

New 3ds XL grip

Sorry, but I'm not working on this design anymore. It's not free but I do have a more recent design available on Cults3D https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/ergonomic-grip-for-ps-vita-v2-pch-1000 and that one is somewhat smaller. I can't promise that it's what you're looking for though.

Thanks for letting me know.

His Amazon store has been shut down now. He is probably still selling it on etsy with a dozen other non commercial designs.

On etsy I've found that if you're persistent enough in reporting him he'll eventually give up. As for his other storefronts, I figure that he'll eventually give up all together when he either realises that there isn't any real money to be made as a small time scumbag, or that taking things to the next level would entail too much work, him having to look back over his own shoulder all the time.

Just a quick question please. Once I glue all the parts together is my PS Vita locked into the grip permanantly?

No, it will not lock it in place, or at least not if you only glue the parts that are supposed to be glued. The first of the linked pictures show the retaining piece that's supposed to be assembled separately from the rest of the grip. That piece can then be slid into the gap shown in the second picture to hold the vita in place.

Thank you kindly, much appreciated

Glad to help :)

I wanted to let you know that someone is selling your design on Etsy and using your photos. If you can please take a minute to report this listing to Etsy. The link to report is at the bottom of the listing page.
The seller is 3Dpyroprints.

Yes, someone else recently brought it to my attention but I appreciate it nonetheless. I've since written to the person in question and if I don't hear back from him within the next few days I'll take directly with Etsy.

Very good. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. I also wrote to them when I found out that they were selling two of my designs. I didn't hear anything back from them until I had Etsy take down their listings. Then they wrote me telling me that they were going to sue me for having Etsy take down their listing that they stole from me. Insane!

I am also suffering from this thief.
Thank you for your advice.
I filed an application for copyright infringement on etsy.com, and etsy.com deleted the relevant item page.

After being deleted on etsy.com, the thief is sending me a threatening e-mail called "Illegal DMCA Takedown" for damages against sales stops. (2 times arrived)

Have you received these emails to you?
Please let me know how you dealt with it.

I am serious that I do not want to waste time for the thief.
(I am tired from Google translation because it is from Japan)

Yes, the exact thing happened to me. After Etsy took down my listing this guy wrote to me to say that I was doing wrong and that he was going to sue me. Then he put my design back up on his Etsy site. I had Etsy take it down again. He hasn't put it back up yet but I am watching and if it goes up again I will keep asking Etsy to take it down again. He can't do anything to us. We are the original creators of the design he is trying to steal. Also, Etsy is taking down his listings after reviewing our information and finding us in the right. So, it is their decision to take down his listing based on the information we provide them. Keep up with this. We are in the right and he is in the wrong. Thank you!!!

Thank you for your reply.

I think you are right.
We complained to etsy.com that the product is infringing. etsy.com acknowledged it and deleted the product page.

I think there is no need for me to respond to thieves who directly appealed to me by email.
If the product page is resurrected, we will again appeal to etsy.com that the product is infringing.

However, it is incorrect that etsy.com hands my personal information directly to the thief.
It is a mistake that etsy.com handed down the personal information of the right holder to the thief though it should have judged on its own based on the intellectual property policy.
As this thief looks very persistent, I think that the battle will continue as a result of the irresponsible act of etsy.com.

Let 's do our best not to lose to the thief.

The thief is resuming selling this work at etsy.com.

My works were lined up at the sales floor.
Since item numbers are different, there is a possibility that you have newly registered again.
I again appeal to etsy.com for infringement.

Hah! guess I won't wait with reporting him then.

No, just go for it. They are blatant thieves and need to be stopped. Thanks!

A heads-up btw, he's also got a store on a site called Mercari https://www.mercari.com/u/987584392/

I saw that also. They are very hard to contact but I did manage to get a message to them. Their only reply was that I could send them a signed letter. I may do that also.

the letter thing is great my friend sent a signed handwritten letter to Mercari to take it down from there. It is kkind of fun writing a letter anyway and especially to take down this hard work we make. LET'S TAKE HIM DOWN TO THINGY TTOWN!

Comments deleted.

I'm assuming you don't have anything that works with the psp-2000? I don't think I have seen any grip model for the psp-2000.

Sorry, nothing for the PSP.

This fits the PCH-2000 but you have to cut away a bit at the top for the buttons to fit without being pressed.

Good of you to share. How is the fit in general?

Feels nice in the hands. Much rather use this than use nothing.

Comments deleted.

Does this work with the PS Vita Slim?

Yes. The commentor above @slimshizin stated the "it fits... if you remove a bit of the top part to prevent unwanted button presses." Hope this helps!

Hey this is awesome . fits like a glove. Thanks =) so much more comfortable to play now xD
One question though... do you glue all the parts together? cause surely there has to be a better way lol

Glad that you like it :)
Yes, the idea is to glue it all together. Some of the parts could probably be printed as one without much fuss but I don't think you could get away with less than 3 pieces. Honestly though, since I don't game on the go I've found the retention mechanism superfluous. My new design (liked in the description) can be printed as one single piece and with a bit of masking tape you could use this one the same way.

I just printed this and have it all together except for the top section. Once you glue the top pieces is it permanently attached with no way to remove the Vita from the grip?

Anyways, thanks for making this. It's by far the best one I've seen. I may try and remix it so the grip is lightly larger.

Have glued just the first top piece and it seems to hold the VIta in place fairly well without the other two parts, which is great. It sort of snaps into place and stays. Went through a whole battery last night, love the new grip! Thanks. :)

I have nothing more to add to what's already been stated about the slim in the description and in previous comments.

Thank you that's all I wanted to know

Are you going to put out the STL for this?

The reason why I upload OBJs is because Maya 2017 initially dropped support for STL. They have since brought it back but the update broke my install and so I rolled it back. I sort of just assumed that most slicers would handle OBJs, but give me a day or two and I'll replace them with STLs. If you don't want to wait then you could try and convert them in Cura or the like.

Is it possible to intifrate a 3x 18650 battery holder somewher eto add some juice to the vita playing time?

'Possible' as in; would it be at all possible to do such a thing, or as in; is it something that I could possibly do for you? ;)
If the former; sure, why not? Imagining the measurements what I'd probably do would be to sacrifice the centre rear touch. If the latter; sorry but I don't think I'll be doing any more modifications to this version of the grip. If I do get back to it, then I'll probably end up redesigning the whole thing.

Since this model is much larger than the print volume(120mm cube) of my machine (Monoprice select mini) I need to chop the model into chunks. I'm not too skilled with CAD software, so how do you suggest I go about this?

Well, the simplest way would probably be to split the top and bottom parts vertically at offset points from each other. After gluing the left and right parts together separately you'd end up with one left and one right part that could fit together something like this http://imgur.com/zdLMLlc. This way it'd retain some of the rigidity lost by splitting them. If that's still too large for your printer then I guess you could do it at two points but that may or may not work out.

will this fit a ps vita 2000?

Give me a shout if you try this out!

As I mention in the description, it hasn't been modelled to fit the slim variant, but assuming that the slim shares the same top-down shape as the original (which it may or may not do) then you might only need to worry about the cradle being somewhat too deep.