MPCNC 4pin stepper plug for X/Y rail upgrade mod

by modularis Feb 19, 2017
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How much belt clearance is there?

Almost nonexistent on the part with cable, protruding one, but I cannot feel any friction. On the shallow part there is no collision since the protrusion is shallower than the belt line. I will probably update design on weekend to make more space for belt, probably will end up with one v2 part for both ends.

That would be good to see. I've been playing in OpenSCAD and for me a 45 degree angle on the end prints better and 22mm for the socket section, rising to 24.5mm for a 2mm flange to engage with the tube end works better, but I'm still printing and tweaking. I wasn't going to bother with aviation connectors but the idea is growing on me.

BTW, your roller plates are good but much thicker than the stock ones. I don't think they need quite so much height.

Can you link the electrical hardware? I assume this is designed for very specific male and female components.

It looks nice though, I want it!

Hi, the only thing you need are wires and connectors. I got mine locally however these are quite common on web, just search for "M16 4-pin connector".

After printing you will need to solder connectors and wires. I suggest wiring one end with one pair of wires inverted so all steppers can have universal (same) wiring to their plugs, making all of them interchangeable.