UNSC Sniper Rifle [Halo 5]

by misterchiefcostuming Feb 19, 2017
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Wish me luck, i have started this ind-ever :)

this is gagging to be integrated with a nerf longshot to make a functioning halo nerf blaster.

Is this for toy's or is it a prop ?

Hi, I'm currently printing this project, and I can't help but notice that the area between barrel pieces 4,5, and 6 seem to have a triangular gap that isn't present in the fully assembled model, am I missing something or there just a gap there?

I want to print this but I need to know its all good to print. Reading some comments make me a little worried.
I'm assuming that this is going to take 2kg of fillement to print or more. If anyone knows exact I can order now so same batch color of gun metal grey.
I want to print color part match so no painting.
Any info to help me out would be great.

There have been a couple issues with the files, mostly down to small bits of mangled geometry that can be fixed post-printing, but the only issue that prevented someone from being able to finish the project wasn't something that could be replicated or fixed. so odds are you should be fine. good luck!

Thankyou for your reply, it's now bumped to next job on list. When all done I will post results. Many thanks for sharing your great work

I hate to be the new guy here, but how exactly is this piece to be put together? Just glue it, or is there something I am missing?

Super Glue and spot putty.

Already put the Halo 5 Assault Rifle together with E6000. I don't use anything else for plastic parts. Thing is sturdy and perfect. I can hold the over 5 pound beast on one end and none of the 18 pieces loosens or comes apart. I have been a bit aggressive with it and it still holds strong after a few weeks of play.

Comments deleted.

Well Body Part #9 wont slice for me at all & I dont know why, And BodyPart 18 looks like its not even complete like its missing half of it on one of its sides. And Body Part 22 has two little round pieces that arent even connected to the rest of the part, Ive printed it 3 times and they just fall off as i remove the support structures everytime. These r the last 3 parts I need to complete the Body and its just aggravating >.<

Alright, so i went through and took a look at all the pieces you're having problems with. Body part 9 is fine for me, so i think it might be your slicer throwing a bit of a tantrum (mine does that too sometimes, not sure what the fix would be for yours) bodypart 18 is missing some geometry there, but I have no idea how to fix it on the 3D modeling side of things, and since its so small, i'd recommend either pulling the little mangled bit off or going in with some bondo/filler to make it match the pieces on either side of it. and finally Body 22. for whatever reason Maya hates all those little recessed screws and bolts, and modeled them separate from the rest of the model. just glue them back on if you can, same thing happened on the Halo 5 AR and they don't make a difference on such a massive prop. hope this helps!

i appreciate the quickness of your response & troubleshooting. im gonna do what u suggested with parts 18 & 22, but im still having trouble with part #9 unfortunately.. I have Cura & Simplify 3D as slicer programs but neither of them will slice the 3D model. cura just gets stuck on "preparing to slice" when i try to load it & Simplify 3D starts to slices it gets maybe a 16th of the sliced then just stops & never finishes & i have to hard quit the program to get it to stop..... any ideas? thanks

Just to interject, have you managed to finish ? if not whats the issue with piece 9 specifically ? i have some spare time i maybe able to help. As for part 18 & 22 i can split the bolt for you to print separately and glue on complete

thank you but i was able to find a way around the parts i was having trouble with =) i posted my make if you'd like to see it, granted its not complete yet >.<

sure bud, love to see it

I've been working on this for over a month now >.>
ya this build isnt for the feint of heart lol. I'm on my 3rd spool of filament and still gotta print the handle & bipod.
Oh by the way some of the files are not correct =(

What files are giving you trouble? i know that some body pieces have little corners missing, but that can be easily fixed with bondo or spot putty. other problems (like hollow meshes) can be fixed and reuploaded

I started printing this last night. The flash hider printed perfectly, so this should be a fun project.

Good luck man, it ain't gonna be easy! just make sure to post your make when you finish!