Nintendo Switch Joystick Extender Mod 1.4

by EmperorFaiz Feb 20, 2017
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Printed in PLA, and wouldn't recommend them. It left small dents in the plastic/rubber of the Switch's joysticks, both on top and on the sides. It's not severe, certainly still usable, but I wouldn't do it again.

This is a perfect candidate for Semi-flex. I'll be printing a few for some colleagues at work. Little bit of sizing you can use this for other console controllers. :-)

I tired printing this just for the heck of it. It printed well enough (I printed the concave version), and the support structure beneath broke away with no problem. Only downside was that the four "nibs" inside the concave top was too sharp for comfort. Are they really neccessary?

Attaching it to my Switch JoyCan was not so easy, though.
I trinted it in PLA, and there was not enough flex in the little legs/clamps to grip onto the joystick. And I didn't was to use too much force, fearing I'd ruin the JoyCon. I gave up after a little while, and then noticed that one of the legs had broken during my attempt to attach it.

Printing in flexible PLA should make it attach more easily, but might also make it come off just as easily. Andd there's the problem of flexible materials not playing too well with support structures. That last point could be offset by flattening the top and printing it upside down.

All in all, a nice concept and one I'd like to see succeed, but it need a bit more work.

It's best to use ABS instead since it's a bit more flexible and durable.

About the "nibs" thing, I added to provide better grip in theory. Maybe I should change with a ring instead.

I printed the concave version in PLA and ran into the same issues as @Mashiem. The nibs and the edges of the legs were a bit too sharp, but some sandpaper took care of that without too much effort. One of the legs broke off for me, too, but I found that it actually slides on the joystick pretty nicely with three of the four legs, so I just trimmed off the rest of the broken nub and kept using it. I just posted a make, if you're curious to see what it looks like.

The biggest issue though is that it looks like the legs keep the joystick from tilting all the way. Might be good to modify it so they don't extend quite as far past the bottom of the stick.

I own an Ultimaker 2Go, which can't handle ABS (no heated plate), so I can't test that. :-/