Bike Mount

by 3D-IN Feb 20, 2017
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Great job! I have made the main piece a little easier, avoiding the use of glue, merging some pieces.

Remixing this right now for dual mounting points forward and rear of the bars. Anyone have info on the assembly pins? Don’t even know what to search

love the holder, sadly my stem is a little wider than others.
installed it anyway but it broke overnight because of the stress.

Hello !

Great holder, you can offer the part 3D IN_MOUNT_top_0.stl a bit wider, my stem on the MTB is wider

Made this for anyone looking for a 35mm bar mount. Hope someone else finds it useful.

35mm Bar Bracket with Printed Hinge for thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2123857

Do you have a single arm model?

Hi !
few questions :

  • step 7 is used for which component ?
  • do you have this combination in one piece in step 1 : MOUNT_01_0 + MOUNT_01_1 + MOUNT_02
  • do you have this combination in one piece in step 7 : 3DIN_MOUNT_top_0 + 3DIN_MOUNT_top_1 + 2x (MOUNT_01_0 + MOUNT_01_1 + MOUNT_02) because I've print each one and it's not really great the piece up of 3DIN_MOUNT_top (MOUNT_01_0 + MOUNT_01_1 + MOUNT_02) seem to be too smaller and in bottom of 3DIN_MOUNT_top is to big

Thanls for advance

Print it to know :p
33mm ;)

Comments deleted.

Just based on a quick dimension check from within Fusion 360, it looks to be around 34mm in the fully closed position.

Thank you! What is the diameter of the handlebar for this design?

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How did you glue the pieces in step 3?

I assume you're just gluing in the M2 studs? How long are the M2 screws? What size pin are you using in the joint?

Do you have a file where the main units (top mounts) are in one piece like in the pictures, instead of 3?

Seconded, a one piece file and printing instructions would be awesome.

could i put my phone on this?