Nerf Stryfe M4 like barrel

by achmed20 Feb 20, 2017
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Can you post a link to the file for the Magazine?

thats a bought one. should be the "worker magzine" if i remember correctly.

After printing i would like to connect it on my Stryfe but its to short as you can see. I'm only one?

if u used support, check if there is some left inside the connector.

Actually iam wondering how strong the attachment nozzle in the front is. Printed a similar Barrel yesterday and the nozzle broke directly at first touch -.- I am a little afraid to start another 15h print with maybe the same flaws.

Edit: I just took the risk and it prints really nicely. Thanks for the design.

Edit2: Just broke on the second day of use :/

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sorry to hear that but i think you should buy some quality filament or use more wall thickness.

I printed this thing 1.5 years ago and its still holding up nicly.

Honestly i think its because of the irregularities on the attachment point like you can see on the pic. I applied a lot of force to your model accidentally and it brokes because a too tight picatinny attachment. So maybe it was my own fault but i think it can be much stronger with a better designed connection. The other barrel i printed before was even worse connected as yours. I just didnt checked it before printing. That one was designed to fail. The second pic is from the other barrels connection :D

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printed well, nice design!

Can you post a link to the file for the stock?

you might wanna check the description ;)

Great stuff! Mind if I ask where you got that mag? I'm looking around and not seeing one quite like it.

You can find ones like that on amazon. Just look up Worker Nerf and you'll find all kinds of goodies, including mags.

How long is the barrel? I have a relatively small printer, so I just want to make sure

cant give u an exact measurement right now, but it should be something about 200mm tall


can you propose a .STL model? i can open it. and my m200 too. Maybe i can use Simplify3D to cut it in 2 pieces to print it easily?

Hi Achmed20
how do i tell it skip the supports for the first few layers, i have the same Anet A8 printer as you? im using cura but i cant find the setting in i assume TweakAtZ plugin

no idea sorry. im using Simplyfy 3D where you can remove specific supports beforehand

It's printing at the minute so I will see if I can get the supports out when it's done.
If not I will get Simplyfy 3D, thanks for getting back to me and thanks for your amazing designs

i forgot about the inner support on my first try as well and broke off a part of the inner ring while trying to clean it.
luckily it didnt realy matter ^^

well it fell off of the printer during the night lol. iv got half a barrel and a birds nest of plastic.
on the plus side i managed to get the supports out of this half barrel.

can you make the tact rails?
i really like it the WORKER is so expensive Thanks M8

are you talking about these: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2115955

Nerf Stryfe upper & lower Picatinny rail

edit: link above me ;)