Cleaver Propeller

by HUT Feb 21, 2017
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hello great design you got here but i an having a lot of issues printing and loading the models into my 3d slicer. i am using cura and it isn't loading properly. is it possible for you to fix the model.??

I do not have any idea how to create any design or even use a computer for drawing 2D things, I am an oldschlool guy and I draw everything on to paper with a pen if I ever need any drawings, I mostly just machine my things, mechanics, parts, gears rocket motors etc. from 3D plans directly in my head.

I have got this into .stl by my friends help who made it with a half million dollar 3D Scanner. I did not design it so I can not make any changes either into the file, I am sorry :(

But new info from the actual prop, I have mixed props at my home. This is perhaps a Formula 4 prop originally 19p and for 60hp outboard.
The real prop I sold away, I have one 24p Semicleaver I will ask my friend for 3D Scan it too.

Mirroring should be no problem but... there should be a bigger fillet between the bland and the hub. You can 3d print them and use the print as a pattern for casting. I 3d print all my proppellers and have them cast. the accuracy you get compared to the cad design is amazing

did you take lots of photos of the original prop to produce the stl file?

Download and install "CURA" (it's free) load your file then chose mirror. You now have your left hand prop.

I was looking for a prop design for an electric outboard to push a small inflatable fast. I expect carbon fiber nylon will produce a strong enough print for my needs.

Only problem I see is the scan is so good that all the yucky welds n such have been copied, unsure how hard it would be to clean it up.

It would depend on the power and if the propeller running high (surface piercing).