3D Printer Electronics Enclosure

by SkyRider Feb 20, 2017
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Hello, what was the model of the 7 inch screen holder you used?

It's been a while, but I think that's a Pimoroni acrylic enclosure. I probably got it from someone like Adafruit.

This looks particularly awesome.
I'm curious about a few things tho...
It looks like you have the basic LCD most printers come with mounted up front -- is the SD card slot still accessible?
For someone crazy new to customizer (and OpenSCAD as it happens) do you have any suggestions on how to modify the PSU area for a 24V (which is what the printer I have this in mind for needs) PSU such as a Meanwell?
And finally, given that the printer this will be destined for is, in fact, a freaking rats nest of cables (fully assembled that way from the manufacturer too!) any links to the ribbon cables/connectors you're using?

Sadly, it is not. The reason is that primarily, I have never really bothered with the SD card slot. My intention was to install a computer right on top (a RasPi), for control, again on the same power supply that is in it, so that there is no reason really to have the SD card and the controller is really just that, a controller and alternate status display. Plus, if I really wanted to, I have an SD card extender that I could use to run the SD card slot outside the case.

For your PSU (and remember, I am using something I pulled out of a PC), I would print larger extrusions and stack and mount as I need to support the PSU. I printed extrusions explicitly for ATX PSU. Smaller would mean smaller panels and so on. Or, you could make the box longer and park other stuff inside the case. You could even forget about the controller and just put a TFT screen there and a RasPi inside the case and run the thing as a singular unit.

The ribbons cables are just 40 pin drive cables from Amazon. They match a board I had Griffin Paquette make for me (you can find him on G+) so that my printer does not a mass of cables going in and out. Instead, the printer just has a ribbon cable running between it and the system. Less mess. Anything like this will do fine: https://www.amazon.com/Uxcell-Ribbon-Cable-Pitch-Length/dp/B01BI00AUA/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1510707852&sr=8-12&keywords=40+pin+ribbon+cable

Hope this helps.

That is absolutely beautiful! I am working on something like this myself, i haven´t thought about doing the enclosure in white, looks gorgeous.

Why thank you!! I have a new board that is going on it (waiting for some connectors), that allows me to have just 2 cable sets between the printer and the controller: one is a ribbon cable for data (motor control, end stops, thermistors) and power (hot end, heatbed). And because I use terminal blocks on my printer, I can eliminate the rat's nest of wiring that these things typically have.

I did the whole thing in PLA. My excursions with ABS and large flat surfaces have all, ahem, fallen flat due to warp, but PLA works really well. I am even using PLA to make trailing link suspension arms for my Gokart Tank. That stuff is awesome.

That is exactly what i am planning to do, having one rack insert for my powersupply, then another for the printer board and one for my octoprint. The only problem that i have found was how to get all the pins from the mainboard to my printer, i thought about 37pin connectors, but for the life of me could not find cable for it. So i now went with 2 dsub 25pin connectors and premade cables. For heatbed and hotend i have xt60 connectors and some thick cable.

Still not done yet, since i am waiting for some more stuff, and parallely planning my psu enclosure, but when it's done, ill post some pictures.

Yeah, i am exclusively printing pla right now, never tried pet or abs before, but planning on it. And what is a Gokart Tank? haha

Try this link: http://makezine.com/2017/04/05/gokart-tank

You can also find it on Hackaday.io

where are the handles/supports?

See the original thing for those

ah, sorry.. like yours. neat remix idea

Thanks. I plan to make a totally stackable version next.

Awesome. will keep an eye out :)

i came across this for stacking ( www.thingiverse.com/thing:1961848 ) but no doubt you've already looked or done your own.

HyperCube printable interlocking Frame
by jh1985

Very nice remake :)

Thanks for sharing,

Many thanks. Your design was a true inspiration. So simple yet so complex and versatile if that makes any sense.