Anet A8 (Prusa i3) X-Axis 1.5mm Belt Holder

by Blitzsturm Feb 21, 2017
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Seen a lot of these for the x belt but never tried it - chose yours as I was replacing the belt anyway - Perfect on my A8. Appreciate the Fusion file too - I did make 1 small change to the model (not that it needed it) I just filleted the side edges when the belt moved through. Used 0.4 layer height and 40% infill - Cheers Fella!

Great design, fits and works perfect!!!

Sooooo much better than the stock method of holding the belts! Had to work a bit to get the loops in there but worth it! Thank you! Picture is a little blurry but it's printing. :P

The dimensions are too tight... You have 1.102mm space for a 1.5mm (minimum) belt thickness. Why?

The rubberized belt compresses to a certain degree. If the channel was exactly the width of the belt it would slide freely through it. It was tested thoroughly and works on my belt. If yours doesn't fit, download the Fusion 360 file and adjust the tolerances as much as you need to fit your belt. Or you can try the exact belt I used: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N5VDSV2

Thank you so much for the fusion 360 files I will be using them in a upcoming project

Glad to help. Given that people may use different sizes of belts, having the original file should help to resize it for varying needs. Kinds of hard to push/pull a curved surface of an STL.

Unfortunately it doesnt fit my Anet A8 Stock Belt, measured something like 1.5-1.6 mm thickness.

Great design though. Hope there will be a version for thicker belts in the future.

It should be a pretty snug fit but slide into place. If not, and you know your way around fusion 360 you can import the provided "original" file and push/pull the internal walls by 0.05 mm to expand the internal channel by 0.10 mm (or more as needed) to get a perfect fit. If you're not too well versed with it, I can take a few moments to throw some extra size variants into the thing files to accommodate differing belts.

This is a really great design and one of those things that just fits so nicely in place that it seems like it always should have been there. I will add more info after it has been in use a while, but i am initially very satisfied by this print and design. My belts have never been so tight, thank you Blitzsturm for sharing this.

When assembling.

  1. make sure to put the nut into the back of the primary piece and test the alignment with the screw you are going to use before mounting.
  2. when mounting, start each of the screws first. It required a little wiggle room to be able to get each one started for me.
  3. put the belt in the sliding piece.
  4. screw the sliding piece into the base just enough that you are confident the screw is just barely through the nut.
  5. get as much tension in the belt as you can while putting the belt in the base piece.
  6. tighten