Electric driver gear Remix

by philxing Feb 21, 2017
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It would be cool to have an extra part to glue into the original handle, since there is no chance, of me getting my assembled vice apart again.

Separated is for wearing part replacement consideration.

You got me wrong, I needed an adpter to be used with the original handle. But this was a nice exuse for me to get started with tinkercad and I made it myself and posted it as a remix: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2415228

Adapter for Machine Vise Handle
by bukl

Got it! and good job! So you prefer inside job than the outside one : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2123525 ?

Electric driver gear

Oh, I haven´t seen that one. I probably would have used that, but the inside version does look more sturdy.

I made it for PLA printing so replacement is a prioritized consideration.

Hey phil, I just added a fixed version of the Center Gear. I created it using Fusion360. I made some aesthetic modifications, but your electric driver gear should still fit. You can find it here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2172821

Yet ANOTHER Machine reVise

Nice, I will post this link in my design.

your vise_handle_geared.stl needs to be repaired.
there's some inner geometry and some faces are not connected.
how it should look like

I remix this using Meshmixer to merge my STL with the original handle, I am not sure how to make a better merge like you do...but thanks for point this out anyway.

You can repair the stl by uploading to
You get a m3f file back which can opened with Microsoft 3D builder (pre installed in win 10).
There you can save the repaired object as stl again.

Tried and get a 2KB file which cannot be opened by 3D builder?

The 2 KB file bug on this site comes sometimes.
If I get the bug, I simply try again to upload the stl file.
most of the reparation processes succeeds on the first run, but once I had to upload the same stl file 4x to get a correct m3f file.

It seems work now after I try again, but thanks to "edreesen", there is already a fixed remix, I will keep it to myself and really happy to learn this new skill by your help, thanks again.

Any other way to fix and preserve STL format?

Is the reason for a separate piece for the hex bit because it suffers from wear?

Yap, and plus

  1. Hard to replace the handle after assembly.
  2. Minimize the wearing part.
    But I think I have do my best to make it last as long as possible, it is pretty tight for the driver bit.

Fair enough, printing now, and thanks.