TMNT2 Coaster Set

by djhempy Dec 25, 2013
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Those are the coolest coasters I've ever seen!

Who is your favorite turtle?

Michelangelo :D

Next is 3D model to print out current?

When i try to download it sends me to an internet explorer site how do i export to core draw or a pdf

i was able to figure it out thanks though. Just cut and look sweat

I'm not sure what the problem is that you're having. When I click the download button, I get a .zip file with the two .svg files inside it. Maybe try in a different browser? I have no idea. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.

I thought this was a 3D printing site?

It is largely a 3D printing site, yes. However Thingiverse is also a place where people share designs intended for desktop laser cutters. I understand that laser cutting isn't nearly as popular as 3D printing is on this site, and that people would prefer a 3D printable version. I would consider making making one, but I no longer have access to a 3D printer and have no way to test the print. However anyone is welcome to use the designs provided here, make a version suitable for 3D printing, and upload it as a Remix.

I didn't mean to offend you. I was just confused. I didn't know this was a place for laser cutting as well. I wondered why you would post something that nobody could make with their printers.

No offense taken. Sorry if I came off as a bit rude. You're not the first to comment here either asking for a 3D printable version or questioning the placement of laser cut things on this website, so it seemed necessary to clear that up.

can u make it so we can 3D print them that be great or how about you don't put the model on a site that's made for 3d printing unless you're putting 3D printer files with the model

absolutely! want them too :D

is there a way to make these 3d printable that would be awesome!!!