Trump's Lies Dishonor The USA

by Fredbartels Feb 23, 2017
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Yeah, because that whole collusion thing was totally real.

I will never give this maker a dime!

The only good part about this post is the comment section bashing the stupidity of it, and it's funny that there's only one person supporting this garbage.

Trump was the best choise.... Cry some more! ;-)

Right because the Clintons have a history of being 100% truthful and forthcoming to the American people.
I really wish there was an option to report people just trying to cause trouble, or spam.

came here for 3d prints, got politics, WTF

This site is for building and creativity, not political stupidity

need a way to block certain posts/people

so you mean sensor correct?

No. S/He means exactly what s/he said - BLOCK. As in block people's posts so s/he doesn't have to deal with them. Has absolutely nothing to do with preventing OTHER people from seeing them.

Agree with rebeltaz. Would love to have the ability to block people. It's not censorship, it's disregarding (permanently) people who want to spread negativity, such as the creator of this STL...

yeah whatever you want to call it in your safe space. I don't want to silence anyone, just a way not to have to see blatant posts like this on a site where we are doing some technology./ hobby stuff. I reported it , maybe makerbot will take it down who knows

just to be clear I am responding to the stupid 'thing' the original poster submitted here.

I think he means a way to block people abusing the site as a political forum. Take it to Rush Limbaugh's site (unless you're affraid) or HuffnPuffn post or whatever. It poisons the collaborative spirit of this site. Typical bullhorn bully crybaby tactic.

Nice way to waste 3D poly on something you could easily convey on a 2D print. Hmmm, what sites display 2D prints? That's hydrocarbon elitists could be burning in their limos/jets.

Trump lies. Uh huh. Hillary and her media cronies defrauded the entire US electorate conspiring to cheat in the debates, a definitive fact. Call the commission. That is election fraud.

I agree 100%. This is not the place to post political views. It doesn't matter who you like or dislike. Can't understand why items like this should be posted here. Free speech is one thing. Hate is another.

There should be a dislike button and after enough dislikes a thing should be deleted. I think that would be a fair way for anyone to get rid of hateful things.

I LOVE IT! When I first saw this I thought "Another liberal cry baby, where's the thumbs down button", but then I read the majority of responses and it gave me hope. I'm no Trump lover by any means, but he is infinitely better than Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife!
Please keep rioting, crying about losing, and assaulting Trump supporters though, it's the best way to ensure he stays in the white house until 2024!

educate yourself and see the bullet that was dodged...
I agree Trump is a buffoon but better the buffoon then the alternative...

(Without watching the video) I totally agree.

most people are one dimensional, and only have their focus on hating a single person.... when its a much bigger problem
not picking trump would have been the same people, not person but many many many, already corrupted people to continue the status quo
which included war for profit, dumbing down of joe public and horrific deplorable dirty dealings... so anyone wasting their time on hating a single person care only about their own agenda not the bigger picture...

Thank you very much, I don't feel that alone anymore after reading this :-) I'd say almost the same althought I'm sitting here in Germany - quite a bit away. But our transatlantic establishment including main media is shocked in the same way - and reacting similar. What I really like about trump, is that even bank chiefs and all establishment fears him. Those guys spread a lot a fear recently, so welcome (those) guys, on my side of the world.
On the other hand it's still almost impossible to explain a self alledged liberal or leftist that it is wrong to hate Trump when everybody else does. It's way to orchestrated to be true. Or would anyone one would have imagine to see dumb paroles of doubtful quality on thingiverse?

(German Main Media Anchorman had tears in his eyes as trump got elected. That HELPS not much. But a bit fun in politics is very rare. And to see an American foreign minister breaking to laughter after announcing "transparency and democratic something" is sort of a refreshing new realism. May be "Brave new world" gets defeated by "1984", but that's to early to judge)

Can we just have one freaking place where politics are not constantly talked about. FFS we are supposed to be sharing 3d printing ideas, not spreading hated as this "thing" does.

Exactly!!! Seriously this is NOT the venue for this.

Comments deleted.

Yeah, he's no Ronald Reagan, but think of the alternative. As the bumper sticker says, "I'll keep my guns, money and freedom. You can keep the 'change'."

Yet more sore LOSER libtard gibberish. When are you children going to grow up and admit that you lost the election?

Indeed. Too bad there is no "thumbs down" button.

Gonna be a long 8 years for you tinfoil hat wearing lefties, sorry about your luck