MTG Quick Draw 100 card sleeved book

by NAK3DDesigns Feb 23, 2017
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works great only one problem it will not fit 100 sleeved cards? about 20 cards will not fit?

Not sure what to tell you... Must be some very thick sleeves.. My best friend has 5 of these now all with 100 cards in them..

you should remove old file and crap one!!!!!

Quick_Draw_Cover_Top_Mana_insert_V4.stl Will not slice properly on Simplify3D for some reason. all of the other V4 files sliced and printed great. well they are still printing. Any help would be great, I am really looking forward to painting this up.

There is an option in S3D that fixes this issue in the Mesh drop down menu select Separate Connected Surfaces. will post pictures of the completed painted end product in a week or so.

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Any Chance you could add in a plate that has multiple hole sets for multi colored deck indicators? Love this design though!!

How do the cards go into the draw pile i put them in the way you have them but they keep getting stuck on the rigges pf the print and putting them in sideways leaves the bottom open

I usually file and sand down the face till its smooth enough the cards don't stick.. But I've seen several people putting them in on their side and just placing a blank card on the bottom..

Hi, I love this design, but would love to use it for other types of cards, is there any chance you could upload a version with no branding on it please??

I'm pretty busy with other projects at the moment but i'll put it on my list..

Thank you, much appreciated.

Hi, I've been having difficulty printing this project. Many of the files cannot be opened:


I was worried it was just me, but these files "have issues" according to MakePrintable. Thought I should let you know!

What slicer are you using? I have printed all of these files using Cura with no issue.. Also, most of these have been repaired using MakePrintable so not sure what else I can do..

I'm using FlashPrint, which came with my Flashforge Finder. Unfortunately FF isn't compatible with Cura. However I haven't had any difficulty opening STL files from any of the other Things I've tried so far.

Do you have the files in another format? OBJ, maybe? I'm trying to solve it myself too, but the file errors had me concerned.

*update" HA! If I convert the STL file to OBJ using https://www.meshconvert.com it works fine. It might be compatibility or something else funky going on, but I can go back to printing! :)

Glad to hear you found a work around.

both discard sides appear to be non-manifold

Some people are having that warning, but I have had several successful prints anyway. I suggest just ignoring the non-manifold warning and you should be fine.

(I have seen successful makes, and I wonder what slicer people used? Cura? S3D?)

I use Cura, and have printed all versions before I posted the files.

Unfortunately, Slic3r auto repairs gaps and "Discard_Side_V4" is missing half the layers in layer preview, and "DiscardSide V3" doesn't have any sides at all :( The V4 discard and draw files also appear to be missing their hinges altogether. I think that's probably why this excellent design has so few makes.

BTW I had a bunch of the files repaired, hopefully they will print better now if you haven't gotten it to slice yet..

Btw the V4 files are a slightly different design that the draw and discard snap into the covers. I do hope you are able to get it printed and if I have time I will revisit the files.

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Looks like an awesome build. You suggest using support for the spine piece - I'm new to 3D printing, what's the best way to add supports?

What slicing program are you using? I'm most programs there is an option to have the software generate the supports. The only places you absolutely need support is for the hinges. Also depending on which version of the design you use. On the V4 you will need to use supports on the spine,front & back cover if you stand them up and also a small amount on the discard side..

Since you are new to printing I will point out that this is a pretty big project. On most printers it takes 5 plates(separate builds) each piece takes 8-15 hours at 40mm/sec, so this is a several day project using about 150 meters of filamanet.