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MPCNC Bosch Quick Release & Vacuum Mount

by GeoDave Feb 23, 2017
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Is there a remix out there that will work with the newer Bosch Colt router (GKF125CEN)

What is different about that one? Picture looks the same. I had to remove the outer base from it which was easy to do. It also makes it that much lighter.

I believe the diameter is a bit larger. 72.83mm according to my calipers.
I'm not familiar with editing scad files unfortunately.

That is about 2mm bigger diameter according to the design. Raining too much here for me to go in the shed & check the actual dimension on my Bosch. This particular design is difficult to make adjustable & I don't have the time to change it. Hope you figure something out.

This is a stellar design! I ran into a problem though. I 'Thought' I used the C-525 which mounts to the newer style back plate however it does not line up.

What's the different between the C-525 and F-525?

My CNC uses this one

The difference between the C-525 & F-525 is the diameter of the EMT used. The "C" is 23.5mmOD & the "F" is 25mm OD. See this page for that info

Hi Dave, can I get your input here. I switch between the router and a spring loaded diamond drag. Would it be better to remix this to fit the tool mount backplate instead of on the pipes, or to add https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1860310 to the router clamp. I like how solid it would be direct on the pipes but would be a PITA swapping this for the tool mount back plate each time.

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Mostly Printed CNC -Add On- Drag knife, Vinyl Cutter
by Allted

If you have this quick release design working for you, I would use an insert for the drag knife using: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2520982 You can open this in the thingiverse customizer if you are not familiar with openscad. The only variables you will probably need to change are the ID variable & HT variable. The ID would be the diameter of the drag knife & the Ht would be the length of the drag knife that fits in the insert. After a quick search on ebay shows that ID might be 12mm. Depending on how long that drag knife is, you might need to modify this insert a little more to get an extra lip lower down than the top if the drag knife is too short to get the drag knife lower into the mount so the blade is below the bottom of the quick disconnect mount.

Customizable insert for Bosch Quick Disconnect Mount
by GeoDave

I'm wondering if I printed the wrong one then. My CNC is the 23.5, to confirm this does mount to the newer style tool plate? If so, I just need to reprint the mount for this and I'll be good to go. I ask because a few other bosch mounts use a 'universal' tool plate or something which I don't have.

Wait a moment, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed....I just noticed the 'drill guides'....so this does not mount to the back plate, instead it mounts directly to the EMT?

It does mount directly to the EMT tubes, you'll need to remove the stock mounting plate to install it.

Thanks for confirming! Time for a remix! Will be my 1st attempt at modeling...uh oh.. I need that plate as I switch back and forth between the Bosch and this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1860310 . Maybe remix it to have that part on the clamp? I only hope it's possible. Not sure if he made it this way because it needs to be.

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Mostly Printed CNC -Add On- Drag knife, Vinyl Cutter
by Allted

This is probably a stupid question but how/what do I need to edit in the scad file to use a smaller router like the makita RT0700CX4?



You might 1st take a look at this remix as it seems he already made a version for that router. If that does not answer your question, I will dig thru that scad file again to see what you need to change.


MPCNC, Universal Mount comp. Quick Release & Vacuum Mount for Makita RT0700C

That's great thanks. If possible I'd still like to know if I can edit the scad file as I might need the vacuum outlet on the other side but also not keen on the universal mount. Thanks James.

You will need to know a little bit about openscad to edit anybody's openscad file. If you just want the vac outlet on opposite side, you can mirror the 2 affected parts along the desired axis. I labeled the parts for this with X-Axis or Y-Axis in the name. I commented out the line in the BoschMount_Rev36.scad file for this. I don't have that line in the other file. I also use the free Netfab basic for mirroring STL files. There are other software programs that also do this. Slic3r Prusa Edition also has this option for mirroring part.

There is a lot of hardcoded linear_extrude data I worked out in 2D using Draftsight Pro which is difficult to make variable. You might ask the remix designer for his source files to see if that could help you. Sorry I can not help you more than that.

Hi GeoDave,
First thank you very much to put some time on this project, this is much appreciated.

I have a question for you... is there a way to replace the pins with regular steel bolts & nuts ? If so, what size should I use ? Because I am having a hard time to try to fit the printed pins in the mount ;-)

Thank you in advance for your help !

The small pin is created at 4.44mm diameter x 57.08mm long & the 2 larger pins are created at 5.95mm diameter x 78.45mm long. The holes are created .5mm Diameter larger for a good fit at least on my printer. If you can match those with bolts or pins it should work. If you use bolts they will have to be a little longer to add the nuts. If you are familiar with openscad any, You could also adjust the diameter of the holes in the openscad source files to match the bolts or pins you need. I would suggest a simple test print of a cylinder with a hole the size you want to test before printing the large prints.

Any chance I can get a .step? Trying to retro-fit this for 25mm tubing, but scad and I just don't agree with each other >:(

I added a BoschMount_Y_F-525_Rev38.stl & BoschMount_X_F-525_Rev38.stl for 25mm tubing if you want to try it. All the other parts should not change. I took the profile from the F-525 that Ryan used as the template to use which is what I did for the C-525, so it should work.

I cannot even express how grateful I am that you've taken the time to do this, thank you so much! I'll print it out and report back!

Hope it works out for you. I am finally upgrading my 3 year old version of the MPCNC to the new C-525 and might change the back connection of this mount now that I see there is more room to work with than I thought. It is probably alright like it is. It took me over 7.5 hours to print the mount even running 150mm/sec with the klipper firmware, so I am not inclined to reprint it unless I need to.

Sorry, but openscad is the source files & openscad does not export .step files. You maybe able to import an openscad exported .csg file into FreeCAD & export a .step file from there. I might play with this to see if it works. Ok, I tried it, but that does not work.

thanks for the tip, but that are to much adapters for my taste, i'll modify your files that my RT0700C will fit in.

i would like to adapt this for RT0700C ( inner diameter 65mm) + universal tool mount ( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1234989) . is there a chace to modify the openscad sources this way ?

Universal Mount 525 for MPCNC
by HicWic

It should be possible to make an adapter for the RT0700C to fit with this design, but not sure about adapting the whole thing to fit the HicWiC Mount. You can make a simple Test adapter to see if the adapter would work by opening the customizer for https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2520982 & changing the ID = 65 & the Cham_Ang = 0. Also change the Ht = 6 or whatever height you want to use for a test print. After printing that fit it on your RT0700C & see if it feels strong enough. The diameter of the opening for this quick release is 70.70mm which is not easily changable. That only gives you 2.85mm of plastic around it, but that probably is enough since it is used inside the main mount. I took a look at adding the HicWic mount to this, but would take a bit of effort & not sure how well it would work. The openscad source files are there if you want to try it yourself.

Customizable insert for Bosch Quick Disconnect Mount
by GeoDave

Hi GeoDave,
Had you thought about making a variant of the inner section that's compatible with the 525 refreshed center section parts universal mounting plate? My MPCNC is built using the new/current gen parts and I'd love to use this thing with it.

There is an option for that in the openscad file BoschMount_Rev36.scad
Type = 0; //0 = Old, 1 = 525C
Depending on whether you set Type = 0 or 1 the program will use the Old or 525C profile from the VerticalPipeConnect_Profiles_Rev120.dxf file. This is untested, so you may have to tweak the dxf profile some.

BTW, this design is working really well for me so far.

Thanks, I'll print it and let you know how it works out :)

Hello, did you print it and it worked? Please let us know as promised :-)

Yep, I printed it last summer and it's been holding my router ever since, the 525 version of the mount works just fine :)

GeoDave, Nice Design. The long black extension pipe will put a lot of torque on the gantry as the vacuum hose is moved around. It acts like a big lever arm. If possible you should have the rigid pipe stop at the level of the conduit. Mine is level with the Y conduit and the hose does not cause any twisting of the router. SteveC

I see what you are saying, but I will be hanging the hose from above to take stress off of the vertical pipe moving. I was doing this with the previous design & did not see a problem. I would like to look at coming off more horizontally, so I may adjust it after using it some. After pondering your idea, I can see that having the hose resting on the Y-axis conduit might be a really good supporting idea. Thanks for the idea.

how successful are you in milling, are you getting any lift? I custom made a similar system for my Bosch, but i noticed that my router will lift occasionally because the clamp may stop router from moving x and y, there is nothing to hold the router in the z direction.


I have not cut anything with it yet, but should get to that this week. Mine is a pretty tight fit in the clamp & I can not physically move it, but I will look for that possible problem when I test it.

awesome let me know how it goes. Mine seemed tight, but vibration from the router and the milling operation worked my router loose. Something i'm playing with is building a little tab to use the screw on top of the router attached to the z access conduit to keep the router held down.

Great design from what i'm seeing. The vacuum shoe/hose is definitely a winner.