Anet A8 LCD Cover (Remixed)

by Tobi97l Feb 23, 2017
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I posted my second attempt in the "Made" section. Didn't come out well at all. Check my specs in there.
Any suggestions on how to fix this?
What settings are you using to get your results.

Thanks for the thingi... :) I hope I can get it to work. I like the design. May try the one without the branding.

Make your first layer very slow.

Now when you say make my first layer very slow, how is that going to affect the lettering which is about 68% (or so) into process? And very slow in how "slow"?
Thanks again, Tobi. Looking forward to getting this to look just right for my A8. :)

Oh i just saw you printed it the wrong way. You are supposed to print it with the letters down.

Well now...that makes total sense! :) I took the first one & just printed it, as is, without making any modifications to it. I assumed it was positioned correctly in the STL without me needing to flip it. You may want to make that adjustment in the STL & re-upload it or maybe in the comments state this so newbs like me won't make this mistake again.
Also...to flip it, it needs flipped twice. X and Z. If you just flip the Z (face down) it will be backwards.

You just need to rotate it. Don't mirror it.

Also it is stated in the summary on the main page ^^

Over-excitement gets the better of me....again.

So I noticed you had the same issue I did. The LCD Cover actually sits just about 4mm too high on your printer, as it does mine.

I found that my model is just slightly different than my friends. I also have basically no gap around my buttons on that panel, so I can't use the popular button covers people have. My friend's A8 has a big gap around buttons and can easily have covers put on.

I am wondering if you looked at yours, does the notch for the screw cutout sit too high as well?

If you could remix this and let the front hang 4mm lower, it should fit perfect. I'd gladly print one off. ;)

I was going to do it, but my skills aren't quite there in the 3D printing journey.

Thanks for the remix, it's the one I have on my printer currently.

Can you make it without the Anet A8 letters. I have a problem printing the first layer causing it to come out horrible. the rest is fine a smooth. dont care for the branding anyway.

I added a version without the letters :)