Medallion of KEK

by chdd Feb 24, 2017
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This is a symbol used by the “alt-right”, a Symbol used as dogwhistle signaling to other white supremacists.

I too find this offensive. just because the racists use a popular meme such as Pepe means its racist is like saying that cars are evil because Hitler and the Germans used them in WWII. Next time, don't believe everything the media tells you. Praise Kek.

Nope. That equivalency you are spouting is false. This symbol is central to a racist movement of a sect of alt-right and represents hate speech.

This is NOT an 'alt-right' 'racist' movement. The alt-right are something the media made up and you were foolish enough to fall for it. But of course I bet you also think Trump is a racist without any single bit of proof or anything that is even remotely close to proof. If I were you DirectorCroccoli I would just keep my mouth shut, it makes you look stupid. Praise Kek!

DirectorBroccoli, stop trolling.

As an Ethnic Kekistani, I find such accusations downright offensive.

"If you cannot convince a fascist, aquatint his head with the pavement" - Leon Trotsky

I'm not condoning it, but sometimes force is the only effective motivator.