Rick Sanchez [Rick and Morty]

by ChaosCoreTech Feb 24, 2017
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Is there a Beth coming soon?

Will you PLEASE make a tiny Rick! That would be so awesome...

Theres already a tiny rick model in myminifactory.com

could aomeone possible print me one im in uk

every time i slice this his eye lid is missing, anyone else have this issue?

had the same issue

Hi ChaosCoreTech, I've recently uploaded a remix of your model that solves several problems and improves stability: Rick Sanchez Rework.

I've also created a bust version: Rick Sanchez Bust

Congrats dude, this is a masterpiece!

Rick Sanchez Rework
by R3ND3R
Rick Sanchez Bust
by R3ND3R

Can you post a version with each color as an STL? Would love to be able to print this with 4 colors.

I printed this with the file posted. Listing a few parameters (but I am a noob and they may not be too relevant maybe):Using Cura 3.1.0 and a Creality CR10S: PLA, Layer 0.15mm, speed 60 mm/s, print temp: 205C, bed temp 70C. Support everywhere and with pate adhesion as a Brim / 8 mm. I filled only at 10% and I regretted it as the neck broke when I was cutting the support away (glued it back, looks fine!).
Goold luck

Is it possible someone post an optimized support for this model ? thx u all ;)

I think there is a problem with the model. The right eyelid disappears partially after slicing in S3D. The same happens in Cura.

Yes, there is. Check my comment above. I hope you find it useful ;)

I tried to print him twice, but when it get close to having the legs finished, the support pops off

Are you using a brim?

What size does this rick print at normally?
Straight from the STL?
Because I need to see if I need to scale down.

This is awesome!! The coolest thing would be to try to make it life-sized, that's what I'm trying to do anyway!!

I use Simplify3D. At the time of slicing, one of the eyes does not have eyelids, how to solve it?

Amazing! Very good job. Ty for share!

Can I ask a couple probably dumb questions? How much plastic would this take, would like the small reel of PLA that comes with the CR-10 be enough? Like an idiot I ordered more filament but only ABS and Nylon which I've quickly found to be a pain in the ass to print with so for something like this I'd rather use PLA.

Never mind I was under the impression that this was the HUGE one from another youtube video I watched, 400mm tall. I don't think it is so I should have enough. Thanks anyways! And thank you for making this OP!

Just about every slicer I can think of will allow you to scale to whatever size you wish....

Awesome model! Any chance you could make Rick giving the finger?

Can you make million ants from season 3 episode 4 please

Thank you very much !!!

What paint color are his trousers?

Can some one help me I would love to have a STL of it Whit the printing support like in is video !! Thx

You use an Engine like Cura or Slic3r.
I use Repetier and it has both of these as an option and easy to use.
Its also free.

That's incredible. Thanks!

I tried to print it on Monoprice V2, the hands fell off. It may be because I had to adjust it to fit the printer's dimensions. Just a warning for rookies like me out there. (I have to mention that up the the waist the quality was amazing though. I wish I could print this on my printer)

Did you print with supports?


Very nice. Thanks so much for sharing.

This is awesome... would also love to see a tiny rick.

This looks a lot like Tiny Rick.

We are fans of Rick and Morty! You made a great rendition of Rick and we love the expression of his character you captured. :) Thanks for sharing this great, and fun model.

Goood Work man I Love Rick and Morty and this figur is VERY GOOD

Awesome, it'll be in the queue soon!

Amazing! Can't wait for Morty ;) and we can have a nice collection.