Anet A8 X Belt Holder (modified for fatter GT2 belt)

by anotherhowie Feb 24, 2017
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what were the infill and resolution? and what size screws did you go with?

I printed one of these about 6 month ago.
I printed in PLA, also just used 2 Screws, in the upper row, the most inner ones.
DON'T do this.
This is how it will look 6 month later:

I'm not saying this is a bad model.
I've gone with ABS this time, and all screws, maybe i'll report back in 6 month :)

Same problem due to PLA, but it only happened when I started printing with ASA (similar to ABS) and created a chamber around the printer. Had a 33 hour print, and chamber temperature was a steady 40°C, with a max of 48°C.

Since PLA becomes soft at 60°C, probably the long exposure to heat made it work over time.

Conclusion: Do not print with PLA.


I've had the same one in place since I posted this thing - so almost exactly a year. PLA, too. I did use all 6 screws though. I don't see any distortion in mine. Actually, maybe the 'pegs' that the belt wraps around have shifted slightly, but I am looking over the back of the printer without taking the part off.

Also, I don't print ABS, so if you are using PLA for parts inside an enclosure, that probably doesn't help :-)