Geared spinner upgrade V2 not tested

by altognini Feb 26, 2017
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I made my own center piece, here it is https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2438228

gear spinner hubcap
by ajbax96

are you sure it does not need supports

I printed this without any support. for the body, you just have to flip the model on the Y or X axis 180 deg.

V2 female part has one small problem. The holes on the first layer are not level with the rest of the part which makes the second layer air print the hole.

Was this ever resolved?

Could you post a picture please?

Each time Ive tried to print this the arms of the male and female part warp upward, causing all sorts of problems. Any suggestions on how to combat this? I'm new to printing and am using a Turnigy Fabrikator. Thanks.

Are you sure your first layer is ok?
You can add some brim in your slicer settings, it prevents warping but you'll have post processing

Pretty cool! This is the first spinner I've printed. you might be able to get the center gear to fit better by bringing the distance of the outside circles closer to the center circles by around .5 - .6mm each.

I'm working on the design, but I can't find much Time... I upgraded everything except fort the snap fit design, I think that the new version will be online in 2 days

This is pretty cool! I think you could improve the female to male attachment. It is a little to loose.

Hey man,
Good design, I just printed one out and it looks great. I am having problems getting the female piece to stay attached to the male piece. Just thought I'd let you know so you can improve your design.


Thanks for printing et liking it.
The female piece doesn't snap correctly? I'll try improving the snap design then.

Yes, I would edit the male part so that the part that snaps in extends out over the female part and stops it from coming loose.

This is a great start!

Dear designer thansk for your sharing. Its amazing design if its possible can you share me catia catpart model for some modifications...