Linear Motion Guide 2020 (double precision)

by Lehaiver Feb 25, 2017
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Надеюсь с языком угадал :))

К какому типу кинематики он относится?
Хочу на Х и на У поставить.

Здравствуйте! Обычный картезиан, просто с удвоением количества шагов на приводном моторе (точность выше, а мотору легче таскать каетку).

isso funciona melhor quer o modo simples sem precisão alguém já testou modo simples e esse ?

Does this work better than simple mode without precision? Has anyone tried simple mode ?
poderia ter esticador para a correia
could have strap tensioner

Do you still have the design files? I want to put this on 2040 and modify the motor slot to add a longer rod. I want to use this as the Y gantry for my K40:)

Hi,someone can share step file for this project.I don't have solidwork.Thanks

Never mind, I solved.

I am not an engineer but I do understand that stepper motors can be driven whole step, half step up to 1/16 step by A4988 drivers thus increasing the resolution but this is the first time I read that this can also be done thru somewhat elaborate mechanical design. From the picture I really don't see how such a setup makes it into double precision compared to what I ordinarily saw on linear rails. It would be nice if you can explain in simple layman's term how the setup would do that. I always desire perfection even in my hobbies:)

Comments deleted.

I was able to build this. Its a great design. However, I'm having some problems with getting the correct pulleys. The toothless pulleys are a bigger diameter than the 16T pulley. Can you point me to the ones you purchased? Thanks!

Thank you for the additional info! Exactly what I was looking for.

Top end stuff. Thanks for the design.

what bothers me the most is the question if the slider (aliexpress) is really that well constructed to prevent tilting in the ZY plane. I'll try to keep it light on the hotend assembly side (no direct drive for ex.), but will it resist/absorb the forces? That seems to be a possible bootleneck to me. (never worked with linear rails of this type, so i cant tell)

Chinese rails it's a lottery. My first pair is working perfectly more than 3 years (no tilt at all), but I know a guy with a negative experience - the backlash (in ZY plane) in his rails/carriages have dramatically increased after a month.

Another update:

I updated my IDEX remix of your design (with magnetic carriages) to a direct drive version and it works flawlessly even with aprox. 300gr weight (per).

Cool! Share the photos.

The left extruder is hooked to the rear mechanism, the right one to the front. Each endcap for the IDEX version are essentially mirrors in y and z plane with a little tweak (additional lenght) to accommodate the return mechanism without having any interference.
The aluminium extrusion is held from the bottom by a fairly beefy bracket hooked to the z-lift. (dont think this would work well without a double-z setup). The extrusion itself is a 40x20.

The right extruder is stll run on a bowden setup, but that's mostly due to spatial constraints (have to recut the wooden enclosure). And the proof of concept (magnetic direct drive) with that particular motion system can be considered a success. In hindsight i should've never went with a bowden setup. The pressure control is a ridiculous pain in the ass and source of many failures

What i would change to the original design: All in all pretty fine, but the belt tentioner need some rework. with growing speeds it tend to slip. I picture something like below. Easy to dissemble, less maintenance. (self-locking nut)

I seriously think about a remix to incorporate a BCN3D Sigma style IDEX (Independent Dual Extruder) on a 20x40 aluminium extrusion for my tevo. I hope i can pull this off. That would be so tight.

i wanted to print this but wanted to print the part that goes on the mgn12Hblock is there any chance of that being added?

edit: i dont have modeling skills lol

This is aluminium L-profile, so this is bad idea to a put plastic part instead. You can find such aluminium extrusion at any builders’ merchant

Anyone make this thing yet? Is it a piece of shit or is it worth making?

You clearly are not a designer, but even normal people are able to make the difference between a piece of art and a piece of shit...

While you have ascertained whether or not I'm a designer, you have yet to answer my question: Is this thing a worthless pile of shit, or does it work?

Nice application of double belt paths to double the resolution (and the pull force too). No backlash compared to gears.