Kingdom Death Terrain Pack

by AxoloteGaming Feb 25, 2017
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This is the one I printed long time ago. Sliced with Cura, printed solid with Large minis profile from 3d printed tabletop. Link below.
Will be continuing printing KDM terrain but from V2 terrain pack. Thank you Axolote!

Do you have an eta on when you estimate v2 will be done?

Probably a month after Gencon, we are currently running a campaign and I have not had time to work on these :( that is the bad thing of them being a fan-made non commercial item, it is not high on my priority and I only work on them when I have extra time.

Still thanks for the info, wanted to ask the same thing. Your 1.0 set is already brilliant, I just never get the but patch printed without destroying it when removing supports (even though my Prusa MK3 is a good printer). Really looking forward to the upgraded version of that one :)

Any chance you have some future plans to take on the terrain from the expansions?

I am working on the V2 for terrain (better textures and reworking some things) right after that I will make the expansions terrain (for expansions I own atm or people that share pics of the terrain I am missing). :)

I bought a Satan pledge so I have all of the expansions. If you need help with something just let me know.

Hey Buddy, I Like these tokens. Thanks :-)
are you intending to make the Flower Patch (Flower knight) and an Arcantus with an actual plant on it?

Sent a small tip your way. Love the terrain and greatly looking forward to V2!

How would you feel about me doing a video on YouTube doing custom paint work using your terrain pack? The videos I make are painting tutorials, I do monetize my videos, but that earns me about $2 per month. I'd of course mention in the video, credits and comments that it was your work and post links to your work in the video description. This is just a random thought I'm having - thought I'd put it out there.

If i'm right, a full set should consist of
8x Acanthaus
1x Toppled Pillar 1x4 v2
1x Toppled Pillar 1x4 v1
1x Bug Patch
2x Ore Vein
2x Debris
4x Tall Grass
3x Stone Column 2x1 v2
3x Stone Column 2x1 v1
1x Giant Stone Face 3x2 v2
1x Giant Stone Face 3x2 v1
1x Dead Monster 2x2

Any update on if your v2 set is close by?

Liking them so far - any chance we’ll see more terrain options, especially those from expansions?

Does anyone know where to get a tree? You say that it is already being sold, but I only find "lonely tree" which is something like a boss and not simple terrain? My game will arrive in a week, so I don't know all terrain. Does only the lonely tree expansion need a tree model?

Which of the designs needs support and which don't? The bug patch needs it, I guess the debris too because of the hand. What about the rest?

Wonderful design. These came out absolutely beautiful. I have sent a (very) small thank you your way via the tip button. :-)

Thanks! i'm glad you like them :), and thanks for the tip!

Any chance you could move the rock that's on the side of the bug to under the first set of arms? Should be able to pretty much print without supports that way. The legs are so thin I have a real hard time pulling the supports off without wrecking the model.

I am working on the v2 so, most will be easier to print and have some modifications.

Greetings, love the models. Just had a set pritned by treatstock. . Any chance you can make the survivor corpse? and are there any plans to make models for the expansions?

Very nice work here, but I'm curious, without using something like meshmixer to make custom supports, what is the best way to print the bug-tile on an FDM? I've created custom supports, but I still can't get the front legs to print well.


I printed with simple cura supports on full mode, I am starting a v2 version of the terrain, so I might make an alternate version easier to print out.

I found these on the internet, and thought you like to know.
Resin casts of your models, sold for € 75,78 at Etsy


Great batch of models for the game. They will definitely take it to a whole other level.

Thanks a lot! i am just a huge fan of the setting and the creator, this is my small grain of sand to the awesome universe of Kingdom Death

Would you have the surviving corpse file of the Kingdom Death terrain pack?
thank you in advance

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Lol! Make some yourself ;) would love to see them and print them!

These are fantastic! Thank you!