Hotdog Spiral Cutter

by dreyfusduke Feb 26, 2017
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Any way you can update the hinge to accept a 1.75mm filament. Not many people use 3mm filament anymore.

Most of ultimaker uses 3mm (2.85) filament. You can use DesignSpark and edit STL's pretty easy.

Just a quick note on food safety. While you used "food safe"plastic, 3d printing leaves voids between the layers and individual strands. These voids are the problem not the plastic. In the foodservice industry we are prohibited from using wooden cutting boards for that specific reason. Food particles can and will get into those microscopic voids and allow for growth of food borne bacteria allowing for cross contamination. Hot dogs come pre- cooked which reduces the danger, unlike a cookie cutter which should be disposed of after use.

With all that being said, I think my daughter will love eating spiral dogs, I'll just toss the used print in the trash after use.

I know this is sort of off topic but I just wanted to say that your comment about wooden cutting boards is incorrect. I worked in the foodservice industry for years and wooden cutting boards are commonly used, especially in high end restaurants. Properly used they are very sanitary. I do agree though that the voids in 3d printed stuff is a problem for food, that is exactly why you have to throw out many plastic cutting boards over time, they get grooves cut into them that you can't properly clean.

Quick question. If I were to use a heat gun or some form of extreme heated air, can and would the voids close or at least get small enough to be safe? Thanks!

This would be great remixed into a mold. I wonder if you can use that popular print sealant to close the gaps or if that isn't really safe either.

Needs a customizer so I can stamp my name in my dogs. That way we know what's what. And finally people will keep off my hotdogs.

Haha, I like that idea. Not sure if it is possible or not to stamp a name and do the cutting at the same time. I am not familiar with the customizer. I used Solidworks for the initial design.