The Turbine - 74mm Toothless Herb Grinder

by Clarkerubber Feb 26, 2017
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I printed each Knurled part using a layer height of .2625 at normal speed and it came out PERFECT. the "Knurled" parts have NO OVERHANG

What is the difference between the 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm plate? I loaded them to my slicer and they all look the same.
(was looking for one with smaller holes for finer grinds)

Okay, with the grinder plates, the recesses that lock over the ledges on the inside of the housing, need to be on THE BOTTOM of the Plate, with the flares aiming towards the top. As it currently is the knurls on the grinding plate are on the same side as the locking recesses making the knurls face the wrong way (toward the bottom).

The solution would be having the knurls and lock recesses on opposite sides of one another on the grinder plate, whereas currently they are on the SAME side. This will allow the grinder plate to be pressed against the lock tabs of the housing as the user is applying force and twist to the top.

Thank you for the excellent work you've done. Please accept my revision suggestions as positive criticism and feedback as that is how they are intended.

Incorrect. The flares are not for cutting. They are to allow the herb to flow out the holes with less resistance. Also, the flares being wider than the holes increases the angle of attack the cutting holes have. Reversing the plate would lower the cutting angle and promote spearing of the herb.

the grinding plate in the middle is upside down lol can you fix it? you cant grind the herb on the flat surface and get good results. the cutouts that lock the middle plate should be on the other side

here are some examples of how a herb grinder should be

has it been fixed?

It was never broken. I think people are getting confused because the flared holes look like they might be better at cutting due to those sexy curves and whatnot. Obviously not because they make far less contact with the blades and are of a way lower angle for cutting. This sort of distorted perception is a great example of why we must be very careful in our use of herb!

he is right plate is upside down

Comments deleted.

What program did you use to create teh visual graphics?

Photoview360 within solidworks.


Edit: I got confused and thought we were talking about another one of my grinders.

what is a sdlprt? file?

Whoops, my mistake. Solidworks file. I'll upload the STL now.

Hi! Is it fixed yet??

Thank you! Can't wait to print!