SD Card Case

by MakerBot Dec 27, 2013
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How do I print this???

Can't put it on TinkerCad. It's too big. Is it possible to shrink it down to 25MB or less?

Could someone direct me to a forum where I could have my ideas transformed into an stl? That would be helpful.

what do you need done????

I'm pretty broke so I can't really pay. But my two ideas for cool 'things' are: A mini ice luge mold. Its like a slide made of ice and you pour drinks down it while someone puts their mouth at the bottom. Fun for parties. I uploaded a model of the basic idea. Some kinks need to be worked out. The second idea is a food dicer for like tomatoes and stuff. Basically a box with criss cross blades on the top. I think both of these would make cool printables.

I've made a kitchen knife mandolin recently, but I'd like to hear more about your design idea.

As far as the ice luge, I considered the same idea. The issue is that it's difficult to get the ice to release. The striations created by the printing process create a highly textured surface for the ice to grab, meaning that releasing the ice from the mold is highly difficult. Have you got any ideas to overcome this issue?

I didn't really think about that. My biggest issue (due to lack of design skills) was making the top and bottom pieces separate. I will have to test out what you are saying with a simpler ice cube mold. Maybe acetone could get the pieces to be smooth?

I've got a Rep2, so it's PLA only for me. Perhaps creating the form, then wrapping the form in a plastic bag will allow it to be removed easily. I'll see about mocking something up. Watch my profile for it.

In my opinion PLA is much better anyways.For some reason I keep buying ABS thinking it is better, then rediscovering all the issues it gives. I'll watch your profile. I will also work on my design.

I posted the design earlier this evening. Check it out.

Makerbot, sorry for jacking your thread.