Chirrut Imwe's Staff

by CaseStudyno8 Feb 26, 2017
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can you please make reys staff??

is it possible to print several of the same parts to make it longer? love it!

I'm glad you like it! It is designed with a specific, organic shape, so unfortunately it is not able to be extended

Love it!
My friend has used a Chirrut staff made by someone else for a bit now, and it keeps breaking....
I don't have the skills, but would it be possible to make a version of this that has a hollow down the whole length I can insert a threaded rod through? That would keep it pretty rigid :)

That's a good idea, honestly probably something I should have designed into it originally, I might get around to editing it soon

Awesome work! how about an Emperor Palpetine Staff?

That is next on my to-do list actually!

AWESOME! looking forward to it!

This is epic! I am printing it out now (on the 3rd part of the lower staff). Any tips for painting?

I used two cheap brown acrylics for the body of it and then generously applied a Citadel paints brown wash from Games Workshop, applying a wash will help bring out all the nooks and crannies I sculpted into this piece for sure.

awesome! I even have some brown wash!

Perfect! I'd love to see it once it is finished!

Of course. I'll upload it to "makes"

This is truly amazing! I can only marvel at how it was designed!

Thanks! I enjoy being able to bring ZBrush sculpting into these designs and include some more organic modeling.

This is incredible!

Crappy thing is I can't print it. =(

I just don't have enough height in my printer.

If I wanted to make a shorter version, It would work though. =)

Still, I have had a chance to look at all your work, and I am seriously impressed!

Thank you! I knew when I separated the file that it would limit the amount of printers capable of its height, but I was concerned that too many part lines would interrupt the form if I went shorter. Feel free to scale it down or cut the pieces shorter yourself if you'd like and thank you again, I appreciate your kind words.

Just started printing it today! It will Post images once it's all done. =) I can hardly wait to see how it's going to look!

Sweet, looking forward to seeing it

No problem!

Keep up the excellent work!

This looks pretty sweet. Do you know the (approx) height of the tallest piece?

About 8 inches tall

A thing of beauty as always, sir

Very beautiful, wondering if you could possibly make Tera Sinube. It is a HUGE CHALLENGE FOR YOU, what is it you may ask? A staff similar to this one, except, his is a saber staff so he can pull his lightsaber out of his staff, similar to Mauls. On the subject of Maulllllll... One new Maul Saber please?? XD Hehe, sorry, I just love your work.

Thanks, I have considered doing Maul's saber/cane from Rebels I think its an interesting an interesting one.

Indeed. Great work as previously stated! :)