Bolt Pistol MKII

by Erdrick Feb 27, 2017
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I want to print this so bad...but I don't think my printer is big enough :(

Simply outstanding design. It is well engineered as well as the best representation I've come across on here. The only suggestion I would make is to add an ejection point for the shells. I was able to print one out in a couple days on an anet A8 and I'm very happy with the results. Thanks for all that you do.

Hello there! I’m new to thingiverse and the 3D printing world. I’ve gotten pretty comfortable and I would like to try a more complex project and I felt like this one would be perfect and if it works it would be cool to give to a friend of mine for Christmas. I hope you or someone else can answer my question of: how do I find out how to put this all together when it’s printed? I’m not even sure I can make this on a Flashforge Finder but limitations of my printer is just part of the things I hope to learn soon. Hope to hear back!

I've got a mini printer, can only do 6x6x6. Do you think I'd be able to print this? (Obviously not all at once)

Just wanted to say thanks for your design! The guys at work printed one off for me and am absolutely ecstatic with it! Even joined up just to say thanks!

Awesome design, it pieces together so well. I havr nit glued it yet but statred to play around! LOL

Printed on the CR10-s4.
.2 layer height
20% in fill
It took 57 hours to print all of the parts together in one go.

Amazing design! I think i will try the rifle next.

I like that comments on this item. Will it print good in PLA. I have an xyz Jr 1.0. Is there a way to get a full gun stl image. A guy on youtube does destiny guns and just cuts them in whole large pieces. Also I would like one that can be used as a dice roller. Gamza on youtube has a gun he fills with dice and then allows the dice to fall out and roll for the attacks.

I literally have spent hours trying to find which gun I want and which is the most accurate model of it, I'm going to print this soon and once it is all painted up nice I'll post pictures of it.

just a quick question, how long did the whole print take?

also, I can't get over how good this model is

I've printed several of these for my friends. You're looking at about 3 to 4 days ish. Depending on layer height and infill.

Thanks, ill get to printing soon!

I quickly threw together the Salamander logo for this (my army) while i am printing mine. Is there a way for me to attach it to your design or maybe I'll email you so that you can include it.

Take a good picture of the full print showing off the Salamander logo that you created.
Upload just the Salamander logo design file as it's own design and mark it as a remix of this.
That will link it to this project, and then you will be able to get credit, and people can thank you individually for your efforts

Solid designed, parts went together very well. Thank you for the design. Now it's time to chaos it up :)

What size bed for a 3d printer would I need to make this as you have it? New to 3d printing.

I've got the Makerbot 5th Gen so my build space is 25.2 x 19.9 x 15 cm. However, the majority of these pieces don't take up that much space.
Also, I wouldn't print the files in their current position. You will want to rotate them to max out surface area and minimize overhang. Additionally, some of these STLs will need supports. Look into using Meshmixer or another program to generate supports if your printer software doesn't provide any.

What would be the best way to add supports to the parts? I am using Simplify3D and it seems to want to add supports almost filling every overhanging piece.

that's kind of the idea of supports...

in simplify 3d you can ajust the overhang angle. i never use an angle smaller than 70. then you can manually remove and add supports using the manual placement tools for fine tuning support placment. the control you get with simplify3d over support material is like half the reason to use the software...

Drop the STLs into Meshmixer it does a good job with adding supports. It allows you to adjust the support density and overhang thresholds.

Awesome, then it's just a matter of carefully cleaning the supports out once it's done?

Yeah but the Meshmixer supports come off pretty easily, not too much to worry about there.

Perfect. Thanks a ton!

Comments deleted.

Why would you want people not to sell this design?
Great work by the way :) Very Nice

Simply put, It's not their work, they don't deserve to make money off of it. They didn't spend hours every night working on the design. I posted this for people to download and enjoy freely, not so people can come by and rip it off to make a quick dollar.
If someone wanted to make some for their friends or people they know and sell it to them for the cost of filament and perhaps some of their time, say $20 ish. Sure that's fine. But taking something you don't own and trying to sell on etsy for $200, that's wrong. And It's actions like that prevent people in the community from wanting to post some amazing work.

Hmm my comment didnt show up for some reason so i will type it out again hope i get all the same points as before.

My rule of thumb is when i print something and sell and they dont have anything on there about a noncommercial licence, i give the designer a cut of the profit as a tip. In the past i have printed things for a buddy when they have a noncommercial licence and as you say i dont charge them much, i usually have them pay in filament, buy me a spool to use for the print and i keep the left overs.

I totally agree with you take a model that someone spent lots of time on and selling it for $200 on etsy is totally wrong.

PS If i print this and sell it on Etsy for $200 what is your cut :)

I would rather this not be sold for profit. I am a software engineer and am fortunate enough that I do not need extra money.
I do this purely for the enjoyment and happiness of others.
Now if you wanted to sell this on Etsy for the cost of filament, to simply spread joy to others, then I would gladly encourage it.

Comments deleted.

If you don't want people to sell prints of your design, you should strongly consider making use of the noncommercial license :)

Thanks for the advice, I didn't even think about the license ... Updated.