Star Trek Voyager 1:2000

by outcastrc Feb 27, 2017
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Same problem as others, looks fine before print then skips the entire middle of the top section of saucer.

Ich have problems, too.
Sliced with Simplify3D...
Missing Layers in the middle...

I have tried to print thisbin pieces and whole and every time there is a part of the aft section, the middle area spanning the deflector dish, just doesn't print for some reason. It's driving me mad!

What slicer are you using? I use Slic3r standard and Prusa edition and have printed this with no issues.

played around abit more with that file (voy_voyager_intrepid_class_part1.stl) none of the slicers I tried can handle it (cura15,04, Cura 3, slicr3, slicr33 prusa edit, prusacontrol). I've only tried to print it with the cura 15.04 gcode, I havent tried the other gcodes but already in the preview it's a total mess in all slicers. The problem only happens with voy_voyager_intrepid_class_part1.stl, (even tried to import and export in fusion 360, same issue). Slicr3 reports more than 35k errors. So I cave up on it.
my next try will be to sink the full model -17mm in the print bed, since the full model doesn't have that issue

Edit: Similar problem on the lower part (voy_voyager_intrepid_class_part2.stl) another gap there. In the preview of the rendered model everything is fine, but the gcode preview shows the gap (see attachment), sadly i noticed it while printing :/

same problem here using Cura, the middle part of the top ship is missing when slicing is done (see attached file)

tried PruzaControl now, this at least hast problems to show the gcode (just highlights some details not the whole model, strange

Model looks great, I like where the slices are. Having a hard time printing it though; there's a bunch of weird geometry inside, and the pieces aren't manifold. Even when I try to repair the model in Simplify 3D the toolpaths leave big gaps in the saucer. Got any tips for prepping the model before printing?

I made this and it came out well. Thanks, outcastrc. I think how the saucer is sliced is better than the other versions floating around.